Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Serie B Girone E

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Thirteenth overall day, in group E, of series B women overtaking and draws and return to the summit of Calciosmania Naples that beats, at home, the modest Real Marsico for 5 to 1. The Atletic Montaquila, however, always impacts on the friendly soil for 2 2 against the grim Salernitana. Calciosmania that Thursday 31 next January could still extend the advantage in the recovery of Campobasso. Certainly the race will be more difficult and with the Molisans stops yesterday by an Argentinian Udv of comeback on 3 to 3. Forward of two goals Campobasso is reassembled thanks to the markings of the hexarese signed by Mirafiore and Arena. Back in the lead the Molise are again reached by a Fiorentino network at the last second of the race. Draw this that distances from the peak even more exaresi and molisane but with the latter that can fall into the promotion games beating the Neapolitans in recovery. Meanwhile, for the hot areas wins the Cascina Cus Cosenza for 4 to 0 on the field of the rear Cavaliere Matera thanks to a quatern of the evergreen Gencarelli. Also the next 31 cousins ​​will have a vital and homely recovery that could see them coming out of the quicksand. At the moment unless one from the fourth place the bruzie can at this stage accumulate a considerable advantage for the permanence chapter where there seem to be three competitors for a single salvation. And the other results were also pro Cus Cosenza with the success of the Acese on the pitch of the Centro Ester Napoli for 3 at 0 and the draw for 2 at 2 between Pink Sport Time Bari and Domina Neapolis Acerrana. Next Sunday, for the fourth return, clash direct promotion between Atletic Montaquila and Calciosmania Napoli while Salernitana will be involved in the home derby against Domina Neapolis Acerrana and Campobasso will receive the Pink Sport Time Bari. For its part, the Udv will be on stage in Etna against Aces and the Cus will have a new home match for the salvation against the center of Naples, while Real Marsico and Cavaliere Matera, in Basilicata, will be facing each other but with little chance for salvation the final. For the regional series C soccer rose instead, in the early morning the Real Cosenza was overtaken at home by a cynical Pro Reggina 97 for 2 0 while in the afternoon a willing Tonino Rosignoli Castrovillari was beaten, on friendly ground, from Sellia Navy for 3 to 0 and the Mottafollone has lost, always between their belts, of measure against the Mater Domini for 1 to 0 with the Udv stop for the cyclical stop. Ranking of C calabrese which sees the Pro Reggina 97 at 9, Sellia Marina and M. Domini at 6 and R. Cosenza and T. Rosignoli C. at zero, while the Udv at 6 but off the charts already participating in the fall. Cristian Fiorentino
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