Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Pink resists only once and then sinks to Salerno

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A Pink with two faces that seen on the municipal field "Vestuti" of Salerno. The Bari team provides a decent performance in the first portion of the game and then changes and plays the recovery in a bad way. In the first half the Salernitana shows its dribbling qualities by spinning the ball well, playing very wide and exploiting perfectly the insertions on the bands. The blue-pinks hold up well, leaving only unrealistic conclusions from the distance harmless for the goalkeeper Di Bari. In the end of the first part of the game two chills for Pink with grenades that hit the woods of the Bari goal twice. First with a poisonous shot from outside the area that deceives Di Bari with a malign trajectory but prints on the post and then with a shot in the penalty area, on the development of a corner kick, which makes the crossbar vibrate. In the second half there is another game. The Salernitana plays on the same rhythms of the first half and yet it has much more ease to become dangerous and to create actions from the net. Pink returns on listless playing field, a team with no bite, almost satisfied, as if it had already closed the game in the first portion of the game. The sterile movement of the attackers, the nothing interdiction in the defensive phase and the absent fantasy in the moment of building the game of the midfielders, make the Salernitana the task too easy. After five minutes it is already the advantage of the landlord with a solitary action of an attacker who also jumps Di Bari and supports the net, despite Longo's desperate attempt to save the ball on the line, but his deviation does end the balloon, however, at the bottom of the bag. Reaction of Pink that on a set kick hits the crossbar with Celi, who despite his very young age, proves to have a tactical and competitive maturity not common to the whole rose of Bari. The Salernitana wants to avoid surprises and closes the game doubling. For the people of Bari, doubling inexplicably represents a defeat already written and even the most elementary things become sensational errors. The technician Pink Isabella Cardone tries to give the shock by inserting the injured Biancofiore and Madaro that despite not in perfect physical conditions manage to bring back determination in the field. In recovery it is Luongo, the best in the field, to sign the 3-0 final for the bells. Absences due to disqualification and the many injuries can often be an excuse for a football team, but not for Pink seen in Salerno. There cannot be such a radical change between the two fractions of the game and such a renouncing and passive attitude during the second half. Very angry the coach Isabella Cardone at the end of the race, she will have to try a lot on the psychological aspect of her girls during the week in view of the very delicate home match, at the "Tonino Rana" of Carbonara (BA), next Sunday against Domina Neapolis Acerrana . ASD press officer Pink Sport Time Gianni Ferrara
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