Tuesday, September 17 2019
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AMARA TRANSFER FOR ASI IN LIGURIA Undeserved defeat for the girls of Mr. Bastrup traveling in Liguria against Multedo. As seen in the field and for the opportunities created by the two teams, a draw would have been the fairest result, but in the end the Genoese conquered the three points with cynicism and determination. The grenades in fact pass to the first deburring of the people of Monza who are not as good at capitalizing on the opportunities granted to them. The formation fielded by Ulla Bastrup, an orphan from Baraggia and Confalonieri knocked out by the flu, started well and suffered an opportunity with Meroni who was stopped at the 10 for a dubious offside position. At the 20 'the landlords pass: Germani goes away on the right, puts in the middle a cross for Dangino's head, Salsano misses the time of the exit and for the midfielder grenade it is easy to bag in the Monza door. Despite the goal the guests did not give up and at the 23 'with Zangari they touch the goal: Fortunato throws from three quarters, Picasso smoothes the ball that arrives on the feet of the gray-blue captain who shoots the ball from the inviting position. At 27 'Piccininno is looking for a draw served vertically by Ronsivalle, but his shot does not find the goal. On the final of the first fraction the Multedo is instead going very close to the goal with an action very similar to the one that had brought the landlords to the advantage. Roller crosses from the right on the long pole where Dangino is well positioned but strikes the ball sending it out. The second half begins with the attackers looking for a draw, the two teams get longer and the Multedo closes well in defense trying to sting on the break with the speed of Germani and Carino. The most tempting opportunity for the visiting team arrives at the 75 'and happens on the feet of Piccininno that from the edge of the area touches the crossing of the poles. Nothing to do, however, for the ASI who returns from Liguria with an undeserved defeat. MULTEDO: Rogina, Rapetti, Sulfaro, Merler, Picasso, Dagnino (77 'Cardboard), Laura, Ballet (83' Ferrini), Rullo (73 'De Madre), Germani, Carino. Allato Esposito. (Giacinto, Pintus, Drago). ASI MONZA: Salsano, Redaelli (76 'Cerizza), Colombo, Fortunato, Cazzaniga, Mattarel, Zangari, Ronsivalle, Meroni (73' Guarino), Mazzoli, Piccininno. All.Bastrup. (Giuliano, D'Emma, ​​Candi, Gagliardi, Barelli). NETWORKS: 20 'Dangino (M) REFEREE: Pitari from Genoa (Pestarino and Ponte) AMMONITE: Germani (M) and Zangari (A) ESPULSE: none NOTES: synthetic terrain, 40 spectators around, 5 corners to 1 for Multedo, recovery 1 '+ 2' Chiara Cerizza Press Office Asd Fiammamonza - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - 338.3336376 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Asd Fiammamonza, Via Guarenti 1 headquarters, c / o GA Sada Stadium, 20052 Monza. 039.2022692 phone, 039.836328 fax
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