Friday, August 23 2019
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Chivasso women's football collects 500 euro for the Cancer Research Foundation.

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In Chivasso, young women's football collects 500 euro in favor of the Candiolo Institute for cancer research and treatment. The first team wins again and reduces the distances from direct opponents. The first edition of the "Primavera in Rosa" Tournament, which Real Canavese Chivasso organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Chivasso, was successfully completed. The two days of meetings has collected 500 euro from the sale of tickets that the company has entirely donated to the Piedmont Foundation for Research and Treatment of Cancer-Institute of Candiolo, always present at the initiative with its territorial delegate, Maria Teresa Baccelli. The friendly against the politicians of the City of Chivasso (played Saturday afternoon) ended in an atmosphere of extreme sympathy and fair play. The first citizen, Bruno Matola, then stood out for some unconvincing parades, but in the end the training fielded by Mr. Giorgio Tappero, as well as the sports councilor, has largely won the victory. Separate score (8 to 4 for the municipal administration), the meeting has been so successful as to have already planned the revenge in spring at a triangular to which a team of local journalists will be invited. "This time, however, we will also arrive with the girls from the first team", comments the general manager Tobia Giordano. "Despite the period very close to Christmas and the bitter cold, it was a good demonstration from different points of view: for being able to promote" a just cause "such as research and treatment for cancer and because in these two days have played soccer games in the name of fair play, fairness on the field and sportiness, without detracting from a healthy competitive competition. It is this model of clean football that Real Canavese Chivasso intends to promote right from the youth sector. I'm also satisfied with the performance of the first team that on the trip to Reggio Emilia beat Giovolley. The training started in emergency due to the absence of three owners. Nevertheless, the girls at the disposal of Mr. Barbi showed character and managed to bring home these important points before the Christmas break ". The Real Canavese Chivasso goes on vacation with a better mood! The girls of Mr. Barbi have managed to snatch three important points from the home team, thus reducing the distance with the top in the standings. Started immediately well and led to 2 0 at the end of the first half, the girls of Real Canavese Chivasso have stopped playing in the second half after the net of the Giovolley who actually reopened the game. Despite the several attempts of the home team to break through the defense line, the Real has resisted and won the victory. A special look at the young player of Real, Sara Visconti, who continues to score decisive networks. His today's double! FCD Femm. Real Canavese Chivas: Calavita, White, Daniele, Casella, Piano, Trivè (Massarelli at 21 'st), Curcio, Cirrincione, Mazzarella (Feraudo at 29' st), Melillo, Visconti. Coach: Franco Barbi. Galileo Giovolley: Marchetti, Brindani, Pedersoli, Pottesu, Squarcia, Sacce, Cristaldi, Ficarelli, Cavagni, Arrigoni, Mint. Coach: Ilenia Nicoli. Bench: Marini, Venturelli. Yellow cards: Cavagni (G) at 16 'pt, Curcio (R) at 27' st and Piano (R) at 31 'st. Markings: Visconti (R) at 25 'pt and at 30' pt, Cavagni (G) at 1 'st. Referee: Scarpi of Reggio Emilia.
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