Friday, August 23 2019
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RES ROMA fifth in Group D !!

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Res Rome tennis result! 6-0 in L'Aquila! Lazio .... Sezze .... Livorno .... WE ARE COMING !!! Res Rome tennis result! 6-0 in the Eagle! RES ROME:, Illustration, Pia, De Santis, Silvestri M, Limata, Cantisano, Manca (cap), Inchingolo, Amato, Mancini, Nagni. A disp .: Terranova, Silvestri C., Mostarda. Coach: Mr. Fabio Melillo EAGLE: Di Domenico, Ranati, Frizzi, Di Marco, Lattanti, De Angelis, Sette, Conversi, Tucceri, Capannolo, Ventresca. To disp .: Gioia, Perilli, Mancini, Ciuca. Coach: Mr. Mauro Castagna. Terna Arbitration: Mrs. Scalise Claudia assisted by Mr. Albertini Alessandro and Fedeli Annamaria Markers: 26 'Mancini (Res), 32', 54 'and 86' Nagni (Res), 72 'and 91' Cantisano (Res) Goleada of Res Roma at L'Aquila in Abruzzo. Nagni (3 networks), Cantisano (2) and Mancini (1) score 6 well to the unlucky guests, the last of the D round of the National Women's Serie B, now on the penultimate day of the first leg. The gap between the two formations appeared from the first moments of the game and it was soon understood that the attacker Nagni would have been decisive, in fact already in the first 3 'some launches of the girls of the house were not exploited for little by the point of diamond of the Res Rome. One of the rare shots towards the Roman goalkeeper Barbara Illustration, took place at the 4 ', but the n. 1 parried easily. At the 5 'great choral action of Res Roma with Cantisano, Mancini and a nice shot by Vanessa Nagni that the goalkeeper neutralized for a corner. The inhabitants of L'Aquila saw themselves in the opposing metacarpo, at 11 ', with a punishment that ended not far from Illustration's door. Another opportunity to take the lead, happened to Amato who, fed with an inverted cap. Missing, he tried to surprise the n. 1 guest with a lob, but the goalkeeper managed to parry. 2 'after Nagni still shooting, but the ball came out very little. At the 15 'it was Mancini who tried it with a punishment (parade) obtained for a foul on Nagni. The excellent woman referee, Mrs. Scalise, gave a close punishment to the inhabitants of L'Aquila. The shot ended high on the crossbar. At 26 'here is the first and important Roman network. Beautiful action set by Cantisano for Nagni who crossed from the right for Mancini, who was stationed close to the opponent's goal, and put in a firm bag. 1-0. The race took the right turn for the Roman girls that even if in flashes they started to play very well in all the departments. While the Eagle, often forced into its own metacampo, tried to set some decent action, but above all it was not able to stem the incursions of the various Nagni, Mancini, Amato and Cantisano. 1 'after another punishment for L'Aquila, untapped, the n. 9 ends up high. Mancini could make the 2 goal with a deviation on Manca's cross, but the goalkeeper is instinctive. The goal is still lurking and at the 32 'Nagni is rewarded, because he packs the right foot (his non-preferred foot) after an action of the companions on the left wing. 2-0. Not even 1 'after Mancini has a great opportunity, but nothing done. In the Eagle the n. 5 (enter the n. 14). Res Rome amuses and some of its actions are really beautiful to behold. At the 37 'here Cantisano together with Nagni serve at the center Mancini which hits well from head (saved his shot). The beginning of the second time is like that of I: Res Rome bubbling, even if not continuously, and Aquila who can do nothing but try not to be overwhelmed .. But after 2 consecutive punishments parried by n. 1 host, at the hands of Nagni and Manca, at the 9 'the Roman triples with their most advanced striker, who cunningly does not ask for the barrier and immediately takes the penalty awarded by the referee and bags the 3-0 ball. At the 11 'Mancini is injured in the ranks of the house, giving way to Lorenza Mostarda who is slowly trying to regain confidence with the playing field, after the knee operation a few months ago. At the 24 'Amato, received an assist from Nagni, is produced in a cue in the area on the left but the goalkeeper comes out in avalanche saving. 1 'later too Mostarda goes to the shot (saved). Elisa Cantisano realizes at the 27 'the 4 net for his training, after a nice filtering action with Nagni's pass. Mr. Melillo gives Terranova Sara the opportunity to take over Pia from the 28 '. Al 30 'foul on Amato, the free kick the cap. Missing and almost Cantisano does not bring the networks to 5. Among the Roman enters also the other Silvestri (Claudia), to his 2 presence in Serie B, which detects Limata and the guests enter the n. 15 instead of the n. 9. Nagni doesn't make an occasionissima at the 40 ', maybe for too much security (alone in front of the goalkeeper!), But he doesn't lose heart and 1' later bags his personal 3 net. 5-0. The strong home striker seals his great race (3 networks and 3 assists!) Once again crossing from the bottom for Cantisano who does not make himself pray and bags the final 6-0 and his personal double. The Roman defense was impeccable and protected its own n. 1 that still today has shown safety and attention. The midfield and attack were the departments that "devastated" the Abruzzese rearguard and the result might have been even more conspicuous if the Eagle had not had a good n. 1. Next Sunday the last round is scheduled and then even the 20 will be discussed again in January. The first Sundays of January will instead be reserved for the Italian Cup. Giuseppe Amato
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