Friday, August 23 2019
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Real returns to winning!

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The smile is back in Chivasso! The girls of Real Canavese Chivasso beat the Aosta 3 at 1 at home. After a series of defeats and draws, Real Canavese Chivasso wins again. Game suffered until the last minute even if Real could have closed the match in the first 45 'minutes, where several scoring opportunities were wasted. During the interval, the chivassese team deserved to go to the locker rooms with the 2 score to 0. Upon returning to the field, the Aosta seemed more determined to touch the crossbar on two occasions and to reduce the disadvantage with a nice goal at the 10 'st. The Real suffered, but created a lot of play in the offensive phases and at the 20 'st Sara Melillo on a free kick marks the 3 network to 1. The meeting seems now closed when an error by Bianco (R) in defense allows Roveyaz (A), who entered the first half, to mark the 2 network at 3. Real seems to be struggling a bit, but it resists the attacks of the Aosta which, however, do not worry goalkeeper Calavita (R) too much. The game ends with the victory of the Real who, suffering, deserved these three points. "The first-half Real looked like the beginning of the Championship when all the departments played well. I am satisfied with the game even though in the second half we risked something too much and we are not able to realize all the chances we make from goals. The three points were needed and I have nothing to reproach the girls for, "says Mr. Franco Barbi. "The girls could have closed the game in the first half without having to risk so much in the second. However, I am happy with the team's performance, especially with the rediscovered midfield and offensive sector. It took three points to lift the spirits and not be cut off from the top positions. On Sunday we expect the Giovolley and then there will be some rest for the girls ", says the general director Tobia Giordano. Also the Primavera, played by Ezio di Lej, played against the Aosta yesterday afternoon by winning the three points. Together with those returned following the appeal won against Athletic Genoa, Real consolidates its second place in the standings. The girls played a good game fighting on all the balls. The superiority of the opposing team was evident having this line-up deployed in players older than that permitted by the Spring Championship rules. From here, despite the victory on the field for 3 at 1 of the Aosta, the three points won at the table by Real Canavese Chivasso. Beautiful game although the diversity of play and performance of the Aosta Valley team is evident. FCD Femm. Real Canavese Chivas: Calavita, Bianco, Daniele, Casella, Mazzucchetti (Martinoli at 44'st), Trivè, Curcio, Baccaro (Piano at 33 'st), Cirrincione (Mazzarella at 22' st), Melillo, Visconti. Coach: Franco Barbi. On the bench: Francisca, Giovannini and Papa. Aosta Le Violette: Modula, Ivandin, Piccot, Ferrando, Torno, Glarey, Poli (Roveyaz at 44 'pt), Favrè (Sirigu at 15' st), Aresu, Boniface T. (Boniface H. to 33 'st), Cenzato. Coach: Giovetti. Markings: Mellillo (R) to 15 'pt, Visconti (R) to 30' pt, Glavey (A) to 10 'st, Melillo (R) to 20' st and Roveyaz (A) to 31 'st. Referee: Vietti from Turin.
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