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In the last round of the championship the red and white girls want to forget the last bad trip and close a good championship in which they started only for salvation and ended with a nice sixth place. Opponent now relegated but eager to appear well but the EDP in a few minutes despite the absence of important or holders on the bench imposes their game and secures the result. At the first minute immediately in the network Tagliabracci launched by Rosciani, enters the area and exceeds the goalkeeper with a nice lob. Two minutes after Mastrovincenzo's great shot was saved in the corner by the extreme Lecce, the protagonist of the match with continuous miracles but who is again beaten tenth by Tagliabracci who slips on Zambonelli's punishment in the guest area and head bag. At the twentieth Zambonelli alone in front of the goalkeeper who exits the rebound as a few minutes later on shooting the tip jesina saves in the corner. Netta is the superiority of Jesina and the opportunities flake until the end when Mainardi enters the area but is landed resulting in a penalty kick made by Zambonelli. At the second minute of shooting a great shot of the Scarponi perhaps diverted gives the fourth network quarter of an hour Tagliabracci in the area but still the goalkeeper is exceeded and deflects in the corner, shortly after an opportunity for the bishop who does not exceed the extreme desperate exit At the sixty-eighth pull Lasca into the area the goalkeeper rejects, Zambonelli resumes but a defender saves the door unguarded.A minute after the same tip anticipates the goalkeeper and achieves the fifth goal.Ancora opportunities for Lasca and Tagliabracci and five minutes from the end of the network of the Bishop still launched in the area that this time bag all'angolino on the exit of the Apulian extreme. Game without history with a team now relegated but with the jesine who wanted to close well their first championship of A2 and they succeeded by touching the goleada. The injury of the Masado leccese should be pointed out. He falls back from his back and remains in pain. He is accompanied to the hospital where, fortunately, the controls have averted damages and he has been able to start again with his team. Saturday next round of the Italian Cup round of sixteen on the ground of the Reggiana training of A1. For May the participation in the Tournament of Spello and then the End of Season Festival for Saturday 24 May. RESULTS. EDP ​​JESINA - LECCE 6 - 0 BARI - AQUILE PA 3 - 0 LUDOS PA - CERVIA 2 - 4 IMOLA - ROME 3 - 4 RAVENNA - ORLANDIA 3 - 0 PERUGIA - VIS FRANCAVILLA 2 - 2 FINAL RANKING. ROMA P. 53 (Promoted in A1) RAVENNA 42 VIS FRANCAVILLA 38 BARI 37 EDP JESINA 35 ORLANDY 25 PERUGIA 23 AQUILE PA 22 LUDOS PA 19 (in the play-off for not relegating) IMOLA 17 (relegated in series B) LECCE 13 ("" "") EDPJESINA FEMININE APD Via Jesi, 48 - 60030 MONTE ROBERTO Tel.3483346121
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