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FOR THE ASD LUDOS PALERMO SALVATION PASSES FOR THE DOUBLE CHALLENGE OF THE SALVATION OFFICIAL DOES NOT HIT 2 GOLDI BUTTACCIO, PALERMITAN DEFEATED AT HOME FROM THE SPA CERVIA FOR 4-2 TO CONTINUE THE PERMANENCE IN A / 2 TO THE SICILIANS WILL BE THE SARDINAS OF VILLAPUTZU the ASD Ludos Palermo to avoid the playoff salvation on the last day of Serie A / 2 (Group B). The Palermo were defeated at home for 4-2 from Terme Cervia. The networks that decide the match bring the signatures of Anselmi al26 ', Buttaccio at 45', Di Marco at 73 ', Magnanti at 85', Pasquinelli at 92 'and still Buttaccio at 93'. The simultaneous defeat of the Imola Packcenter at home against Roma allowed the Sicilians to keep the third-last place and earn the chance to play for the salvation in the match, with a round trip, against the Sardinian Villaputzu. The first goal ball happens on the feet of Asd Ludos Palermo after about ten minutes. Buttaccio collects a long throw from his half of the field, enters the area from the right, but his shot is deflected for a corner. At the 23 'Cervia's replica with Di Marco that diagonally enters the area, but his conclusion is parried by Tusa. At the 26 'the visiting team goes ahead with Anselmi who collects a suggestion from the right and kicks to the net. His conclusion carambola first on the pole and then bagged. At the 35 'the Palermo would have the opportunity to return in a tie: Buttaccio collects the ball on the trocar and tries to lob. The ball exceeds the goalkeeper, but ends slightly to the side. The rhythms of the match are very high and the scoring opportunities are not lacking. Tusa is good in two circumstances at the end of time to foil two great shots from the distance of Becci and Shepherd. Before the end of the season the ASD Ludos Palermo manages to equalize with Buttaccio at 45 '. The bomber of Palermo, well launched, mock the goalkeeper with a lob. The start of the second half is blocked, the teams control each other until, at the 62 'the Cervia hits the crossbar. In the circumstances Tusa is good and free the small area before the opponents can reply. At 65 'is the Asd Ludos Palermo to hit in full the crossbar with Varia that from outside the area leaves a pitch that makes fun of the goalkeeper but does not bag. At 67 'is Buttaccio to hit the post and Varia arrives on the rebound that finds the goalkeeper Moretti on his way. The forcing of home players does not find outlets and at 73 'is the Cervia to review the advantage with Di Marco. The 9 number of the visiting team comes face to face with Tusa, jumps and deposits on the net. The ASD Ludos Palermo can no longer be as incisive as before and capitola: 85 undergoes the third network with Magnanti and the fourth with Pasquinelli at 92 '. There is also time for the second network of Buttaccio that at the 93 'diagonally exceeds the goalkeeper of Cervia and fixes the result on the 4-2 for the visiting team. OUR NEW SITE IS ON LINE The new website of Asd Ludos Palermo is currently being defined, but already available for consultation on the website The journalistic editorial staff of the site is edited by the press officer of the team, while the hosting and the realization of the pages are edited by the portal site, whose manager is Concetta Messina. ASD LUDOS PALERMO - CERVIA SPA 2-4 NETWORKS: 26 'Anselmi, 45' Buttaccio, 73 'Di Marco, 85' Magnanti, 92 'Pasquinelli, 93' Buttaccio. ASD LUDOS PALERMO: Tusa; Di Fiore, Reina (42 'Ciranna), Constance, Scalici; Orlando, Granato Spanò, Varia; Buttaccio, Abbasta (67 'Simone). Available Patti, Stagno, Marchese, Ammirata. Coach Antonella Licciardi. TERME CERVIA: Moretti; Dulbecco C (49 'Faggioli), Magnanti (91' Pasquinelli), Gostoli, Cuomo; Breccia, Becci, Carrozzi, Di Marco; Pastor, Anselmi (86 'Gazzani). Available Dulbecco F. Coach Massimiliano Angelini. REFEREE: Mario Certa di Marsala. Assistants Gianluca Riela and Marco Munacò of Palermo. NOTES: Hot day, clay court. 6-3 corners. Recovery 3 'pt and 4'st. Ammonite 54 'Spanò and 86' Constance.
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