Friday, February 28 2020
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Bad defeat at the end of the season.Complice a fallaccio that sends the goalkeeper Cantori Last transfer of the championship with absences of Rosciani and Caciorgna, Liuti returning for only a time, alter with ailments but especially in the first half the EDP lacks concentration and will in the presence of an Apulian team that without goals more puts a grit and a heavy climate from the beginning with intimidating play, balls disappeared after the advantage as if it were a decisive incident who knows what for what. Unfortunately, does not pay the goalkeeper Cantori that at the beginning of the second time out is hit by a truly criminal entry of a local attacker who not only is not expelled but not even an admonitory and that forces the extreme jesino to be taken to the hospital . Apprehension for the entire recovery pending news from the hospital and the outcome of the checks that fortunately seem to have averted fractures or serious damage but that in the coming days will have to be deepened.Partenza then with delay of the bus to wait for the return from the hospital and I arrive in Jesi in the middle of the night. The EDP had not behind the second goalkeeper and then played the entire shot with Zambonelli in goal trying to limit the damage but the game was over for some time The report in brief: start with dangerous Cremonesi but the local defense saves; shot of Biondi out of little and then as last Sunday a postponement of defense Jesina fortunately rebounds on a striker that marks the advantage. The EDP suffers the blow and a little later on angolosubisce the doubling.Piano plan tries to resume the game and before Tagliabracci pulls but the extreme para and then Zambonelli from the edge sgiora crossbar.In the last five minutes two local counterparts with jesine in forward round the score. The recovery begins with a very bad foul on the Cantori and the game ends there even if the EDP leads to long play and has several occasions with Tagliabracci, Vescovo and Cremonesi but at least twice the goalkeeper is exceeded and saves in the corner. the pugliesi mark again and at the end the network of flags for the white-reds with Tagliabracci launched in the area by the Cremonesi. Approach of the wrong game on the mental plan unmodified in the face of local aggression and then an incredible episode in a game whose result was already obvious and a championship in which the two teams no longer have anything to ask. Next Sunday of the championship at home with the relegated Lecce and the opportunity to find the game and result and positively close a good season. Vis: Mascia, Errico, Ligoria (88Antonacci), Di Corato, (88Mancarella), Caputo, Morra, Villani, Lacalaprice, Fiorella, Caramia, Sergi (All.Largellotti EDP: Cantori (49 Berti), Perri, Biondi, Cremonesi D. , Mainardi, Mancini, Miccolis (45Vescovo), Boots, Chests, Zambonelli, Liuti (45Pongetti) A disp: Lasca, Cremonesi C., Fiorella, Cannata Coach: Sdogati NETWORKS: 7 -87 Di Corato; 19-42-85 Caramia; 90Cottages RESULTS. VIS FRANCAVILLA - EDP JESINA 6 - 1 ORLANDIA - BARI 0 - 2 AQUILE PA - PERUGIA 1 - 1 ROME - 1 RAVENNA - 1 LECCE - LUDOS 0 - 0 CERVIA - IMOLA 1 - 0 RANKING. ROMA P. 50 RAVENNA 39 VIS FRANCAVILLA 38 CERVIA 35 BARI 34 EDP JESINA 32 ORLANDY 25 AQUILE PA - PERUGIA 22 LUDOS 19 IMOLA 17 LECCE 13 EDPJESINA FEMALE APD Via Jesi, 48 - 60030 MONTE ROBERTO
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