Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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A2 Series Pool B 07-08


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In the last round of the championship the red and white girls want to forget the last bad trip and close a good championship in which they started only for salvation and ended with a nice sixth place. Opponent now relegated but eager to appear well but the EDP in a few minutes despite the absence of important or holders on the bench imposes their game and secures the result. At the first minute immediately in the network Tagliabracci launched by Rosciani, enters the area and exceeds the goalkeeper with a nice lob. Two minutes after Mastrovincenzo's great shot was saved in the corner by the extreme Lecce, the protagonist of the match with continuous miracles but who is again beaten tenth by Tagliabracci who slips on Zambonelli's punishment in the guest area and head bag. At the twentieth Zambonelli alone in front of the goalkeeper who exits the rebound as a few minutes later on shooting the tip jesina saves in the corner. Netta is the superiority of Jesina and the opportunities flake until the end when Mainardi enters the area but is landed resulting in a penalty kick made by Zambonelli.

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FOR THE ASD LUDOS PALERMO SALVATION PASSES FOR THE DOUBLE CHALLENGE OF THE SALVATION OFFICIAL DOES NOT HIT 2 GOLDI BUTTACCIO, PALERMITAN DEFEATED AT HOME FROM THE SPA CERVIA FOR 4-2 TO CONTINUE THE PERMANENCE IN A / 2 TO THE SICILIANS WILL BE THE SARDINAS OF VILLAPUTZU the ASD Ludos Palermo to avoid the playoff salvation on the last day of Serie A / 2 (Group B). The Palermo were defeated at home for 4-2 from Terme Cervia. The networks that decide the match bring the signatures of Anselmi al26 ', Buttaccio at 45', Di Marco at 73 ', Magnanti at 85', Pasquinelli at 92 'and still Buttaccio at 93'. The simultaneous defeat of the Imola Packcenter at home against Roma allowed the Sicilians to keep the third-last place and earn the chance to play for the salvation in the match, with a round trip, against the Sardinian Villaputzu. The first goal ball happens on the feet of Asd Ludos Palermo after about ten minutes. Buttaccio collects a long throw from his half of the field, enters the area from the right, but his shot is deflected for a corner. At the 23 'Cervia's replica with Di Marco that diagonally enters the area, but his conclusion is parried by Tusa.



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Bad defeat at the end of the season.Complice a fallaccio that sends the goalkeeper Cantori Last transfer of the championship with absences of Rosciani and Caciorgna, Liuti returning for only a time, alter with ailments but especially in the first half the EDP lacks concentration and will in the presence of an Apulian team that without goals more puts a grit and a heavy climate from the beginning with intimidating play, balls disappeared after the advantage as if it were a decisive incident who knows what for what. Unfortunately, does not pay the goalkeeper Cantori that at the beginning of the second time out is hit by a truly criminal entry of a local attacker who not only is not expelled but not even an admonitory and that forces the extreme jesino to be taken to the hospital . Apprehension for the entire recovery pending news from the hospital and the outcome of the checks that fortunately seem to have averted fractures or serious damage but that in the coming days will have to be deepened.Partenza then with delay of the bus to wait for the return from the hospital and I arrive in Jesi in the middle of the night. The EDP did not have behind the second goalkeeper and then played the entire shot with Zambonelli in the goal trying to limit the damage but the game was over for some time



star inactivestar inactivestar inactivestar inactivestar inactive The Asd Ludos Palermo expresses strong regret for what happened last Sunday during the internal match against Packenter Imola. At the end of the championship match, in the dustbin of the dressing room of the Romagnola training was found the pennant of the Palermo team that during the preliminary operations had been given to the captain of the Packenter Imola. The wish of the Palermo company, the technical staff and players is what happened is just an unfortunate circumstance in which the Packenter Imola stumbled after the defeat remedied on the field, because it would be really inconvenient to comment on a gesture so unsporting in the season in which the third time was established. The Press Officer Asd Ludos Palermo Valerio Tripi



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In the third-last of the big-match championship between the EDP and the peer ranking of the Cervia, team game to win the championship But that gradually lost the glaze and results. The Jesina team arrives at the game in a difficult situation: in defense again due to injury Liuti and Perri for disqualification; Mastrovincenzo with physical trouble starts from the bench as well as Caciorgna clenches his teeth even if in the second half is forced to leave the field when the substitutions were completed. Difficult game especially in the first half hour in the hands of Romagna even if at the first minute big chance for the leoncelle with the Tagliabracci launched in the area that exceeds the defender and goalkeeper but while the ball is about to enter the net a defender manages to deflect in the corner. Overturn in front and on a cross shot in the area the extreme Cantori devolves of fist but the carambola ball on the Becci and ends in the net for the advantage. Two not difficult shots of Tagliabracci and Zambonelli in the first half hour while the romagnole have at least three great chances to double but at least in two Cantori you pass and save your net. The last ten minutes of the time sees the guests down and take courage the EDP that has two good chances, the first with Tagliabracci who wins the ball after a goalkeeper's dismissal, pulls but just outside and then at the end a nice penalty of Cemonesi forces to a difficult parade the extreme Romgnolo. At the beginning of the second half the local try to find a draw and the second still Cremonesi pulls from the edge but the ball goes out a little and then a minute after punishment of Scarponi for Tagliabracci anticipated by the goalkeeper.


Jesina - Terme di Cervia 1 - 1

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Division of mail between Jesina and Terme di Cervia in the tenth round of A2 series: a 1-1 that certainly does not satisfy the team of Mr. Angelini, owner of the field with large stretches and a little 'shock in front of the Marche; a very heartfelt challenge, given the past on both sides of many players in the Vigor Senigallia in Serie A, that the Gialloblù began in the best way, taking the lead with Veronica Becci (2 ') that burst onto a ball wandering in the area local and fired the 1-0 online. The Romagna continued to press, putting the Jesina on the corner and touching the doubling in different circumstances: first with Simona Santi who twice showed up at the conclusion from a favorable position, but kicked weakly and then with Fulvia Dulbecco shooting at the net finding the rejected by Cantori and on the tap-in could not find the knockout. In the second half the cerves dropped a bit 'pace, but the Marches never became dangerous until half an hour, when Mancini found the right trick on a corner kick and put the Romagna door for the 1-1 (32 'st); the guests did not give up and in the end wasted a great opportunity with Elisa Magnanti who was flocking towards the Marche door, but fired on Cantori outgoing.

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