Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Ludos Palermo - Terme di Cervia 2 - 4

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- The Terme di Cervia serves poker in the field of Ludos Palermo and finish fourth in the season of the return in series A2 (4-2); a challenge played openly by both formations, with the cervesi to the run-up of the third square and the Palermo looking for points of salvation: it came out a very exciting game, with the dangerous yellowblues since the start with two battalions of Valentina Di Marco (10 ') and Veronica Becci (20') who severely committed the goalkeeper Tusa. Nothing could the local extreme at the 26 'on the wonderful action of the first orchestrated by Becci, Gostoli, Pastore and Di Marco that served in the corridor Simona Anselmi, who from the height of the penalty penetrated the ball of the 1-0; angered by the Sicilian reaction that touched the draw with two conclusions of striker Buttaccio, come out of very little, which at the end of time took the time to defend the Romagna and the 1-1 overtaking Moretti with a precise lob (42 '). In the second half the challenge was kept balanced until the pearl of Valentina Di Marco (20'st) who collected the ball in his half, jumped in dribbling practically the entire opposing team, even sat the goalkeeper and deposited on the net the beautiful 2- 1; once again the landlords were not there and always with Buttaccio went close to the same: first the crossbar, then the pole and a couple of excellent interventions by Claudia Moretti, but they denied the joy of the draw to the islander. The cervesi however did not look and touched the 3-1 with a header of Elisa Magnanti that caught the crossbar, with the local goalkeeper who moved the ball when it perhaps had crossed the white line; the same young striker from Romagna had a chance to rebuild shortly after (40'st): another action of the first game from Gostoli, for Pastore, Becci, filtering in the middle for Elisa Magnanti who shook Tusa out by signing the third goal. The emotions did not end here: in fact, the same Magnanti served back a ball for the new entry Eleonora Pasquinelli, which left a parabola turn around that ended its run at the intersection of the poles (47'st); ball in the center and another goal of the flag for the premises with a fireball from outside the usual Buttaccio that fit neatly behind Moretti (48'st). LUDOS: Tusa; Of flower; Reina (42 'Ciranna); Constance; Scalici; Orlando; Garnet; Spano; Varies; Buttaccio; Abbasta (22'st Simone). A disp .: Patti; Marquis; Admired. CERVIA SPA: Moretti; Dulbecco C. (5'st Faggioli); Magnanti (45'st Pasquinelli); Gostoli; Cuomo; Breccia; Becci; Carrozzi; Marco's; Shepherd; Anselmi (42'st Gazzani). Available: Dulbecco F. All. Angelini. REFEREE: Certain of Marsala. Assistants: Riela and Munaco of Palermo. NETWORKS: 26 'Anselmi (T), 42' and 48'st Buttaccio (L), 20'st Di Marco (T), 40'st Magnanti (T), 47'st Pasquinelli (T).
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