Graphistudio Campagna - Venice 0 to 5

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5 at 0 is the final of Graphistudio - Venezia. A verdict that condemns the maniaghesi to the relegation in Serie B and the Venice to the promotion in A. GRAPHISTUDIO CAMPAIGN 0 VENICE 1984 5 GRAPHISTUDIO CAMPAIGN: Miani, Marcon, Carnilutti, Rizzetto, Rossi (from 34's.t. Del Mistro), Colle (from 23's.t. Pulzato), Giordani, Sedonati, Pizzin, Delli Zotti, Menegon (from 4's.t. Jose). All. Azzani VENICE 1984: Capretta, Castagna, Rodella, Zugno, Camerotto, Pasqualino, Cavallini, Ranzolin (from 34's.t. Cian), Tombola, Chinello (from 16's.t. Capovilla), Viezzer (from 29's.t. Lippolis). All. Franzolin REFEREE: Sozzo di Bassano MARKING: In the second half, at the 20 'Cavallini on the rig, at the 21' Rodella, at the 26 'Zugno, at the 40' and at the 47 'Cavallini. Defeat without appeal for the Graphistudio Campagna that, losing at home against the Venice 1984 (winner of the A2 championship and therefore promoted in the highest category), is mathematically relegated to Serie B. With the 5 to 0 inflicted by the Venetian formation to the maniaghesi and the victory of Villaputzu against the Pisa in fact, the Friulian club is relegated to the last place of group A, leaving the Sardinian team the chance to hope again in salvation, with the playoff against the third-last strength of group B. A bitter result for the Graphistudio that, despite some ups and downs, has shown, during the season, to deserve that place in the A2 series, painstakingly conquered last year. That Venice would not give anything was clear to everyone since the eve of this delicate match. It was so. At 5 'in fact, the guests build their first goal ball insidious with Cavallini, but it is good Miani to remove the ball from the feet of the latter. The Graphistudio is highlighted with a shot from outside the area of ​​Delli Zotti, just above the crossbar, but they are still the Veneto, at 35 'to have a wonderful opportunity with Zugno, from the edge, try the conclusion. Provisional intervention by Carnielutti who saves on the goal line. A few seconds before the referee sends everyone to rest, Sedonati, from inside the area, hits the mirror. According to the race director, however, the ball, however, does not cross the goal line and the result remains nailed on 0 0. In the second half the Venice immediately started very aggressive, with the intent to make the whole loot his own. The strong pressing of the opponents, however, forces the Graphistudio to close a lot in defense, inevitably limiting the interventions in the offensive phase. The game is decided at the 20 'when, the race director sees an alleged foul in the area against Capovilla, and assigns a penalty kick in favor of the guests. On the disk Cavallini transforms. A bit dazed by the network, the Maniago rearguard, impeccable up to now, makes a mess in its own half, allowing Venice to realize, with an empty door, 2 to 0 with Rodella and, five minutes later, the 3 to 0 with Zugno. Six minutes from nightmare for the Graphistudio that sees shattering here, his dream salvation. In the final, a double of Cavallini definitively closes the meeting on 5 0.
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