Friday, April 3, 2015
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A2 Series Pool A 07-08

Closes the sports season of Terme Cervia Calcio Femminile

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Closes the sports season of Terme Cervia Women's Soccer Saturday 24 May Party at the PIneta Club and Sunday 25 participation at the Isabella Rosetti Memorial With the party at the PIneta Club of Milano Marittima, Saturday 24 May, closes the official season of Terme Cervia Calcio Femminile. The link between Cervia Calcio female and the Chicco Cangini Pineta is now consolidated. At its debut in the national championship series B - 5 years ago - the Cervese team linked its name to the Milano Marittima club. With the name of Pineta Cervia the team played for 2 season then there was the change with the Cervia Spa - now called Terme Cervia - but the Pinewood has remained one of the closest partners of the Cervese society. The evening will start at the Pacific Dinner and then continue with the party at the PIneta Club. The party will be the end of the 2007-08 season - which will officially end on Sunday 25 May in Castiglione di Cervia with the participation in the memorial Isabella Rosetti - a quadrangular with Imola (A2), Castelvecchio (B) and Venice (A2 neopromosso in A1). This closes the season for the return of the Cervese team to A2. A definitely positive balance, with a fourth place just 3 points from the second classified. Now we work for the next season with the aim of improving the result obtained this year.

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Ludos Palermo - Terme di Cervia 2 - 4

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- The Terme di Cervia serves poker in the field of Ludos Palermo and finish fourth in the season of the return in series A2 (4-2); a challenge played openly by both formations, with the cervesi to the run-up of the third square and the Palermo looking for points of salvation: it came out a very exciting game, with the dangerous yellowblues since the start with two battalions of Valentina Di Marco (10 ') and Veronica Becci (20') who severely committed the goalkeeper Tusa. Nothing could the local extreme at the 26 'on the wonderful action of the first orchestrated by Becci, Gostoli, Pastore and Di Marco that served in the corridor Simona Anselmi, who from the height of the penalty penetrated the ball of the 1-0; angered by the Sicilian reaction that touched the draw with two conclusions of striker Buttaccio, come out of very little, which at the end of time took the time to defend the Romagna and the 1-1 overtaking Moretti with a precise lob (42 '). In the second half the challenge was kept balanced until the pearl of Valentina Di Marco (20'st) who collected the ball in his half, jumped in dribbling practically the entire opposing team, even sat the goalkeeper and deposited on the net the beautiful 2- 1; once again the landlords were not there and always with Buttaccio went close to the same: first the crossbar, then the pole and a couple of excellent interventions by Claudia Moretti, but they denied the joy of the draw to the islander.

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Brescia - Como 3-2

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On the last day of the A2 series Brescia between the walls of the city deservedly exceeds for 3-2 the Como classifying at the end in third place with 34 points behind the Venice that surprisingly won the championship by imposing against the Graphistudio Campagna and taking advantage of the slide former leader Mozzanica, so according to two lengths, in Sampierdarena. For the record well part of the Brescia appears pimpante unlike the opponents who seem to doze off. In the first minutes before Manzoni then Gritti shudder in Ranzani. At the 17 'Manzoni touches the post. The Brescia is the race but it is the Como to take the lead at 25 'thanks to a cross-shot by De Carli who mocks Carminati and is 1-0 for the Como. From here it eventually climbs into the Miranda chair but his assistants are not brought to a successful end by Vezzoli then from Gritti and so we go to rest with the 1-0 very generous guest. In the second half the script does not change with the Brescia master of the game that at 7 'wastes a wonderful opportunity with Gritti that served by Miranda and bypassed the goalkeeper kicks incredibly to the side with the empty front door. Enter Rajka Previtali and the defense of Brescia passes to three with the game that is affected even more positively. The scoring action flakes for the landlords who at 18 'with Gritti skilled to take advantage of an action to reach the well-deserved 1-1.

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Atletico Oristano - Brescia Female 3-1

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oristano - Another defeat for the Women's Brescia that in the penultimate day of the series A2 falls for 3-1 on the field of the Oristano. The swallows after the defeat at home against the Mozzanica that had definitively affected the last promotion hopes in A1 in this game had little to ask against an opponent instead very motivated since sardines are fighting for salvation and at the end the result has rewarded who had greater interests. As has often happened in the past and this year the trips to Sardinia for Dapor and companions have always been satisfactions. In the standings, the Brescia remains third at 31 points and Sunday in the last championship will look at the victory against Como to keep the lowest step of the podium, behind a length is the Sampierdarenese, and close in glory a more agro championship what a sweet view of the initial premises and the delicious going closed in first place. Instead for the sardines three golden points that are worth salvation. Returning to the race strong part the Oristano that after some occasions passes to 10 ': cross of Fusciani for Deiana that alone in the area flashes the innocent Carminati and is 1-0 for the sardines.

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Cervia Spa - Packcenter Imolese 1 - 0

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CERVIA - Success on the woolen thread for the Cervia Spa in the derby against the Imcese Packcenter valid for the penultimate round of return A2 series (1-0): a very heavy result for the team Imola, which at '90 from the end of the season must now hope for a half miracle to reach the third last place and go to the play-off with the same ranking of group A. First fraction without major upheavals, with very careful rearguards and attacks that could not break through; to point out a couple of opportunities: the first for the guests (20 '), with Moretti who had to anticipate Wong's foot on a wrong back-pass of a companion, the second, double, for the Giallobl├╣ (43'), with a serpentine Valentina Di Marco, ended with a left side trip deflected in a corner by Bagnari, who was saved on the next corner by Teodorani who was pushing back on the goal line. Much more exciting the recovery that opened with an opportunity for the landlords with Elisa Gostoli on punishment (4'st), parade on the ground by Bagnari, while on the reversal in front of Vallone was face to face with Moretti,

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- In the big match and derby of the 20ma day in the A2 series fade the last dreams of glory for the Women's Brescia that falls in the 2-1 against the leaders Mozzanica. In the standings now the Mozzanica is first with 39 points, behind there is the Corsair Venezia in Liguria for 1-0 that rises to 37 share while the Brescia remains at 31. Two days from the end, Dapor and his companions thus abandon any ambition of A1 and in the last two days at Oristano and at home with Como they will try to keep the third place to close a bittersweet championship. For the record - excellent frame of public with the two teams that have fought from start to finish with correctness - decided the Mozzanica that at 2 'with Lenci almost the advantage. At the 10 'occasion of gold for Karin Previtali but face to face with Rottoli shoots the ball at the extreme guest and the action fades. At the 12 'Fumagalli tries without luck while at the 15' Marini punishment laps the pole. At 28 'advantage for the Bergamo with Pizzi that thanks to a beautiful right takes advantage of a defensive lack of attention of Brescia and 1-0. The swallows are not there and throw themselves forward in search of a draw that 38 'Dapor touches but the same is in the air and arrives at 40' when after a choral action, Miranda - Oberlechner - the forward Gritti is head the best of all to put the 1-1. There is no time to celebrate at home Brescia that at 42 'Pizzi with a lucky cross-pull also pushed by the wind slips the intersection of poles opposite to Cavagna and is 2-1 for the Mozzanica and with this result you go to rest . In the second half the Brescia changes something inserting first Mammana instead of Gritti immediately then Marcolin for Vezzoli after twenty minutes but everything will be useless. The Brescia wants at least a draw and throws himself on the attack but at the 5 'is Locatelli who guards his defense and the result does not change. The biancazzurre press with the dangerous Mozzanica on the break. At the eighth Mammana launches Previtali that puts high above the cross from a favorable position.

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