Friday, February 28 2020
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Torres expels the Briamasco, the 2008 of Trento Dolomiti starts badly The 2008 of Trento Immobiliare Dolomiti opens with a defeat, passed to Briamasco by deputy head coach Sassari Torres in the first day of return of the women's Serie A championship. Netto three to zero final in favor of the Sardinian team, dragged to success by the wonderful test of Silvia Fuselli, author of a shotgun. For the eagles a ko estimated on the eve and arrived despite the positive debut in the middle of the field of Katia Serra. Some new features in the Trentine starting grid, due to the absence of the injured D'Agostino (knee stretch): Parisi (best in the field of Trentino) moves back to the center of defense together with Marchesi with Rigatti in midfield and the Meneghelli couple Adegoke forward. Part of the Trento Dolomites that after just thirty seconds of gambling is likely to be big: Marchesi's mistake, Fuselli takes advantage and leaves a great shot that is printed on the crossbar with Cretti beaten. The tanks react and try to the 7 ': scheme on the pitch, Serra serves Rigatti that kicks but centrally. The Sardinian training pushes on the accelerator with the play of an inspired Fuselli that at the 9 'weakly kicks from an excellent position favoring the intervention on the ground of Cretti. At the 17 'Sassari Torres in the lead: Conti goes on the right and Fuselli, all alone in the middle of the area, heads Critar. The reaction of the Giallobl├╣ is realized at 23 'when Meneghelli needs a golden ball to Adegoke that from an excellent position kicks high. Torres suffers, at the 30 'the goalkeeper I think slips and gives a golden ball to Adegoke who incredibly kicks to the bottom. Second half with the enterprising but not dangerous Trento from the parts of I think; the first goal ball is for the sardines with a shot from the distance of Conti that just flies over the crossbar. At the 56 'still Torres Torres dangerous with the penalty from the edge of Colluccini that goes off the bottom. It is the prelude to the doubling of the islands that reaches the 59 'when Fuselli serves on the right the accidental Iannella that with a precise low shot Cretti beats. The Trento Dolomiti accused the blow and two minutes later collects the third goal: Pintus crosses for Fuselli who scores his personal double. At 81 'gasp of Trento with Carraro who after a rebound can not frame the mirror of the door. Next Saturday a very tough trip to the field of Bardolino leaders: from the third day onwards the kites will start their run to the third last place and stay in the category. NETWORKS: 17 ', 64' Fuselli (ST), 59 'Iannella (ST) TRENTO DOLOMITES: Cretti; Prosperi (24 'Ferrari), Marchesi, Parisi, Tomasi (46' Rodella); Serra, Bertolini, Rigatti (70 'Leonardi), Carraro; Adegoke, Meneghelli. All. Genta. SASSARI TORRES: I think, Tona, Soro, Conti, Pintus (70 'Sardu), Iannella, Cortesi, Crespi (49'), Fuselli (85 'Martu), Colluccini, Perelli. All. Ark. REFEREE: Milan of Bassano del Grappa. NOTES: about 100 spectators, field in good condition. Ammonite Marchesi (T), Domenichetti (ST) Marco Fontana (press officer Acf Trento Immobiliare Dolomiti)
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