Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Atalanta - Turin 0-6 (0-5)

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All very easy for Torino in the first day of return of the championship, which with a tennis result keeps pace with the first class in the Atalanta field Reaching the 3 points for the grenade was essential to not miss the train that will take the Italian Women's Cup, scheduled in Piedmont. But to make calculations it's still early and Padovan's girls know it. While taking the field with a training remodeled due to the injury of Marta Carissimi and the disqualification of Cristina Cassanelli, the grenade quietly control the game risking very little, with only two raids from the bands to the first advantage signed Sodini: Bruno's launch on the wire offside, awkwardly repeatedly attempted and as many failed by the girls of Zonca, Sodini snaps, burns the opponents and with a soft left beats Filippi. It is the 25 'and in a quarter of an hour the Toro closes the practice. At 28 'Bruno is back to the goal in the league with a powerful right, replicated at 30' perfect cross Pasqui who manages to unmark in the middle of the area for a double touch delicious. At the 35 'is the turn of Pasqui, who served in speed by an exchange Bruno-Sodini easily beats the innocent Filippi back in countertops, while at the 39' Sodini signs the momentant double win thanks to a deep launch of Bruno that the blonde Sardinian exploits to the best. In the second half Mister Zonca, with the games practically made, takes advantage of the three substitutions in the first minutes, while in Turin there is space to gain experience in Turano, goalkeeper of the Primavera and today in the field instead of the injured Serafino, in Giuliano and to Bonansea. Obviously the second fraction does not give the emotions of the first 45 minutes, but before the final whistle there is time for the sixth center grenade still signed by Sodini who controls, finds the space and left the Nerazzurri door with a left. The result is clear, but this Atalanta on paper has the means to do better. And this match can only be a warning to Zonca to understand the reasons for a defeat of unimaginable proportions on the eve. As Padovan points out at the end of the match: "The result is clear. Before we started scoring, they were very dangerous with a high and a low shot. We played well, it's true. But Atalanta is anything but an easy team: let's not forget that on this field the Bardolino has lost its only league match. " Atalanta - Turin 0-6 (pt 0-5) Markers: 25 'and 39' Sodini, 28 'and 30' Bruno, 35 'Pasqui; st 34 'Sodini. Atalanta: Filippi, Zanoletti (st 1 'Spini), Rota (st 6' Teli), Zizioli, Brasi, Scarpellini, Ramera, Ceroni, Bonometti, Riboldi, Mangili (st 4 'Caio). Available Gritti, Fagiolini, Pesenti. All. Zonca. Turin: Caravilla (st 14 'Turano), Gangheri, Tavalazzi, Parodi, Bosi, Bruno (st 14' Giuliano), Zorri, Pisano, Gueli (st 14 'Bonansea), Pasqui, Sodini. Available Coluccio. All. Padovan. Notes. Ammonita Ramera (A). Referee: Bianchi di Como (Oddo and Emma di Lodi). Torino's 2007-2008 Championship 28 8 Championship 6 Suntini Pasqui 4 Zorri (1), Dear 2 Gueli, Bruno 1 Tavalazzi, Parodi Coppa Italia 40 11 Pasqui, Sodini 5 Zorri (1) 3 Tavalazzi, Guerri 2 Bruno, Cassanelli 1 Bonansea , Giorgis, Moretti Totals 68 19 Samples 17 Pasqui 9 Zorri (2) 5 Gui 4 Bruno, Tavalazzi, Dear 2 Cassanelli 1 Bonansea, Parodi, Giorgis. Moretti Press Office Torino ACF Torino Bruno Bili 347 / 51.42.057 Paolo Ponti 339 / 24.66.263 Matteo Bozzi 346 / 31.51.545
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