Thursday, February 26, 2015
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VINCI-GOL AND THE FLAME TURNS THE REGGIANA OFF It is thanks to a goal by Veronica Vinci, 1989 class striker, that the Fiammamonza wins the three points in the home game against Reggiana. A very important victory that conquered by the formation of Mr. Grilli, today in the stands to serve the disqualification after the expulsion against Atalanta, obtained at Sada against a toned Reggiana and well put in place. The Flame, back to the most classic 4-4-2, then took the field without two basic pawns: Stracchi, out for two rounds for the expulsion remedied against the Bergamo, and Ricco who recovered midweek of the Italian Cup round has reported a sprained ankle with stretching of the ligaments that will keep it off the playing field for a month. In spite of everything, however, the red and white took the field gritty and from the first minute have worried Vincenzi, forced to leave the foot to anticipate the fast Paliotti. Reggiana, however, promptly responded to 6 'with a shot by Brutti that turned off high. The game is played blow by blow and the 8 'is the turn of the Flame: Greco starts on the counterattack, serves Paliotti that launched in speed to the opponent's door can only kick weakly and does not worry VIncenzi. At the 21 'Vinci is seen for the first time on the left, after the Fiamma in the first minutes had pushed mainly through the central streets. The young red-and-white striker, now outside of midfield, served by Paliotti leaves a low shot to cross that hits the opposite pole, but the ball instead of going through the whole grenade door and then finish between the feet of Neboli who returns. Flame so close to the advantage. Guests struggled to find space and are well closed by the home defense, so as to have to rely on the conclusions from afar, as in the 32 'when kicking the fly from the edge Brutti laps the pole. At the 40 'however comes the goal of the Fiamma: Donghi with a vertical pass serves Vinci on the left, the striker red and white controls with a palombella punishes the Reggiana. The two teams go so in the locker room on the result of 1 0 in favor of the landlord. In the second half the Fiamma, a bit 'heavy from the field and the game played on Tuesday, withdraws its center of gravity by granting field to the opponents and relying on long casts for the speed of Paliotti or the head of Greek. The Reggiana, however, fails to take advantage of the space given by the opponents first with Nasuti at the 79 'on free kick from the edge high kick and then with Baldi that at the end of the central position shoots above the crossbar. "We played a good first half, while in the second half the fatigue was felt - commented so at the end of the match the performance of his girls Nazzarena Grilli - we must consider that we have been training on heavy pitches for a month. The Reggiana proved to be a good team, well put in place. I'm happy with the victory, if I had said it before the game I would have immediately put a signature, considering the absence of two important pawns ". FIAMMAMONZA (4-4-2): Marchitelli, Balconi, D'Adda, Rivolta, Schiavi, Donghi, D'Andolfo, Paliotti, Dede (70 'Amorin de Sousa), Greco, Vinci. All. Frontini. (Ferraro, Bertoni, Celedi, Franchin). REGGIANA (4-4-2): Vincenzi, Davoli, Del Prete, Casile, Gozzi, Neboli, Baldi, Nasuti, Sabatino, Brutti, Prost (61 'Bergnelli). All. Bertolini. (Rings, Casali, Barbieri, Bonati). NET: 40 'Vinci (F) ARBITRATOR: Salmistraro di Padova (Dosoli and Licitra) AMMONITE: Revolt and Paliotti (F) EXPULSE: none NOTES: Land in fair condition, spectators 100 approx. 1 corner kicks at 0 for the Fiammamonza. 2 'recovery. Chiara Cerizza Asd Fiammamonza press office
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