Torres - Riozzese

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FAIR PLAY TORRES These "gestures" should make national media move. Why are not emphasized and not informed? Only one piece of Martina Angelini has been released on Tuttosport. This is one of the positive aspects of women's football in a violent and increasingly less sporting and educational world. It is the minute 17 of the first half when Piva and Piccinno are on the ground for a two-handed failure, the ball comes and Fuselli overcoming Gorno unaware that the two teams were already stopped to allow relief. Making the staff aware of what happened and in particular the technician Salvatore Arca invited his girls not to oppose the following action of the Riozzese that produced therefore the network of the new advantage signed by Piccinno. A gesture of great sportiness. The media is always in desperate search for such profound gestures! The video of this gesture should run for every TG Sportivo! svegliaaaaaaaaaa .. by Walter Pettinati Comment sent by a user of calciodonne: For the rest the game, although devoid of particular interests on one side and the other was pleasant and fought with the Riozzese who showed an enviable athletic condition to this point of the season. First initiative of the Sardinian brand with Fuselli that at the 5 ′ concludes just outside the second post. The Riozzese responds to the 10 ′ with the advantage of De Vincenzo who beats Winkler after an assist by Perini. Then comes the aforementioned Torres draw and Piccinno's next new lead (who closes his first Serie A with 11 goals), while before the break Monica Lanzani is forced to leave the field for yet another trouble to an ankle that seems to give her no respite. In the second half after 2 ′ Torres finds the draw with a punishment from Pintus who is good at evading the barrier and overtaking Gorno. The quality of the Sardinian team is remarkable and also the maneuver appears, above all in the second fraction, pleasant, but the Riozzese replies blow by blow and in counterattack actions it is always dangerous. Fuselli, Crespi and Pintus are the most active among Torres, while Piccinno, Perini and Piva apprehend Winkler's door. It ends with a substantially fair draw that confirms the good time of the rosanero, especially from a physical point of view and leaves hope for the return match of the Coppa Italia on Saturday with the Milan, in which a draw with nets may be enough, after the 0 to 0 of the first leg.
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