The verdicts of the National championships

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Exciting and fearless championships. Bardolino tricolore, Rome and Venice in A. The 22 ° championship decrees winners, losers and uncertainties. Playoff between Chiasiellis and Trento for a place in A. It was years since we saw a championship so fought in the hot areas of relegation. They all deserve to stay in A for their commitment, professionalism and organization. With Florence, one of the most advanced Italian companies in the youth sectors falls from the top of the league. It may have influenced the absence of Mr. Ciolli driving the viola. Playoffs and Italian Cup to play with any doubt to be resolved about the absence of the summons in the National Under 19? we'll see the dates! Two big cities rise in the top league: Rome, undisputed dominator of Group B. Cade the Mozzanica and Venice takes advantage of it and wins the promotion. Group A fought for an entire championship with the newly promoted Mozzanica, Brescia and Sampierdarenese ready for the great leap in the category. Promoted in A2: Montale 2000, Fortitudo Mozzecane, Gordige, Lazio and Calciosmania Naples. This afternoon at 16.30, Deferred on RaiSportSat of the Milan - Bardolino match. See to believe in which field was made to play a game that you knew shooting and broadcast on Rai, then we do not complain! In series A2 group A recedes the Graphistudio Campagna and Villaputzu ensures the play-off with the Ludos Palermo group B, which has already relegated Domoconfort Lecce and Packcenter Imola. The new promoted Vis Francavilla of the bomber Maria Caramia is surprising, winning the 3 absolute place behind the strong Dinamo Ravenna. It was expected more from Jesina and Terme di Cervia. The Sardinians from Olbia and Oristano are brought back to life in the final of the championship and the permanence in a2 is won on the field. Serie B In the group A the 2000 Montale sprints against Alessandria and Real Canavese. Villacidro, Asi Monza, and Aosta Le violet retreat. In Group B, the clear victory of Fortitudo Mozzecane is a company that has hastened the forecasts but that is already well organized even with the youth teams. San Martino, Clarentia trento and Azzurra 2001 retire. In Group C, you decide on the last day with the gripping direct confrontation between Gordice and Castelvecchio. The Veneto are at their best and are promoted. Congratulations cmq to Castelvecchio who played a championship at the top. A wheel Picenum, Mestre and barcon. Vigor Senigallia and Junior Coriano are back, while a play-off will take place between Ortona and Aries. Great round of return for the Porto S.Elpidio of the Galletti and Capponi bomber. In group D, Lazio on Sezze. It is repeated a film already seen last year when Rome conquered the promotion against the Sezze. Then the void, with a disappointing Livorno in third place. The labronica team would have the potential to do much better. Sin! They retire L'Aquila, Alghero and Free Sisters. In the group E dominates the Carpisia Calciosmania Naples. Excellent championship of Montaquila and dell'Acese penalized in the classification by a disciplinary measure. Cavaliere Matera, Real Marsico and Pink Sport Bari are back. Waiting to get to know all the winners of the Regional Championships our editorial team congratulates all the companies that played every game with dignity and sportiness. I thank all the companies, the athletes, the managers and the interviewers who have contributed with me to give information on women's football through this site. A negative note to those companies that forced their press offices not to send me more press releases of their matches. Our site is always open to everyone even to those who do not think like me. I will deepen this topic with an editorial. Good things to everyone, Walter Pettinati
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