Turin - The jewel of Florence 2 - 0

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The Turin closes this troubled season with a convincing victory and that bodes well in view of the return of the second round of the Italian Cup against Fiammamonza. The first half beyond the goal there is little else to recount, except when at the 6 'min.Maura Bruno alone in front of the door blatantly missed the shot by sending out the ball. So here we are at 8 'min. when Tatiana Zorri received a ball in the area, she broke away from the purple defender, but was mowed off. It is impeccable rigor! and Zorri herself takes care to beat it. The whistle blows and the grenade from the eleven meters to the right of the goalkeeper who senses the shot, but does not get there. It is 1-0. From that moment begins on the part of our girls a clear dominance over the opponents, but failing to ever be dangerous at the door. The second half of the grenade is quite different: already at the 3 'Sodini touches the goal with a strong low shot that ends just outside and after two dangers run within two minutes we arrive at the 2-0: we are at 18 ', Simona Sodini receives the ball in the area, the firm turns and pulls in the door a fireball as strong as precise that becomes learnable for Frediani. In the tribune, applauses roar to Sodini and companions. And he would have cheered again if at the 29 'the crossbar had not stopped a ball kicked on a free kick by Zorri, or at the 33' when the purple goalkeeper was found ready on a header of the usual Sodini. Other applauses come to the 38 ', when Tavalazzi suggests for the Sodine that on the fly (and beaten goalkeeper) hits the ball by sending it a few inches above the crossbar. End the race that decrees the retrocession for the viola, to which all of us led by the president, we wish good luck, and we put heart, heart and head on the return of the second round against the Fiammamonza on Saturday 26 will defend the 0 -1 of the going. However, the Torino seen against Florence gives us hope, determination and play are not lacking and if they do not lack in Monza, then the quarter-finals are not so far away. Maurizio Condemi TURIN: Caravilla, Pisano, Bosi, Parodi, Carissimi (from 36 'sec.time Giuliano), Cassanelli (from 13' sec.tempo Coluccio), Zorri, Tavalazzi, Gueli, Sodini, Bruno (from 22 'sec.tempo Bonansea). Available Turano, hinges. ALL. G.Padovan IL GIOIELLO FIRENZE: Frediani (from 40 'sec.tempo Leoni), Benucci, Guagni, Binazzi, Ugolini, Pitzus, Colzi, Mauro, Barreca, Nencioni, Lucherini (from 10' sec.tempo Parrini). Available Baglieri, Rosini Referee Mr. Pagliano di Milano NETWORKS: 1 ° time: 8 'Zorri on penalty 2 ° time: 18' Sodini Ammoniti: Pitzus (G.Fir.) Expelled: Frediani (G.Fir.) NOTE: spect. About 120
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