Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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THE JEWEL FLORENCE SAYS GOODBYE TO SERIE A Defeated by a strong Turin, they leave the maximum series after two years of stay. After two years of stay in the top flight Gioiello Florence says goodbye to the series A. The purple lineup was defeated by 2-0 away from Turin, which proved to be stronger as the championship wished and did not make any discounts. The advantage in the first half at 9 'with a penalty, perhaps generous, granted for a crushing of Benucci to Zorri the grenade doubled to the 18' of the shot with Sodini author of a prowess from distance. Also a victory of the rest to the purple formation would not be enough by virtue of the draw for 2-2 of Chiasiellis on the ground of Reggiana and the victory of Trento for 2-0 matured already in the first 45 minutes of play in Friuli with Tavagnacco. The viola championship ends with the balance of 4 victories, 3 draws and 15 defeats with the gilted team that closes as the rear end of the standings, with two coaches who led the team that went to sign with only 6 athletes on 22 who have set foot at least once in the field. FUTURE It was not back with the team Alessandra Barreca who joined the National Under 19 who is about to face the races valid for the second phase of qualifying for Europeans. For the company, however, the seasonal goal now is to try to get to the final as the last year that is worth the championship of the Primavera Championship. THE CHRONICLE Little initial mishap with the teams directed towards the synthetic field, not planned, and the leadership of Turin who promptly agrees to play as scheduled on the ground. In Turin there is not the Pasqui, stop for a problem of membership (the draw last week for 1-1 with the Fiammamonza has become 3-0 a table). The grenade company has appealed, but in the meantime has not deployed in this race. The Torino therefore wants to win at all costs to seek victory in qualifying for the Womens Cup, the UEFA Women's Cup. Gioiello always without Giulia OrIandi (in the stands to support her companions, will be back on the pitch tomorrow with the Primavera training that faces San Marcellino at the 15 Perugia) as well as Patu, and with several bruises in the field. In the stands there is also the Azzurri coach Ghedin. The violets risk big already at the 6 ', when it does not work out the game and Bruno is alone face to face with the goalkeeper Frediani, but shoots to the side. At 9 'Zorri enters the purple area, Benucci goes to counter the shoulder, Zorri flies to the ground not without a trade and the referee assigns the penalty for Turin. The same Zorri transforms it with a low shot at the lower right corner of Frediani: 1-0. Florence tries to take the initiative but not much else happens in the first half. The recovery opens with a cross from Colzi from the right for Lucherini, but from the edge of the small area of ​​the pot is made to save the shot from Caravilla. At 3 'Sodini enters the area but shoots out the possible doubling. At 10 'Casazza inserts Baglieri as third point, with Barreca on his right and Guagni on the left, according to a pattern already tried at the beginning of the season by the old Cosi. Padovan immediately answers with Coluccio for Cassanelli. The purple maneuver is enlivened. First a weak shot by Baglieri is controlled by Caravilla, then at 14 'Barreca penetrates the area from the left and sends however on the outside of the network. At the 17 'Barreca launches Guagni who penetrates the ball area to the foot and to you with the goalkeeper is deflected the shot. At the best time in Florence the prowess of Sodini who penetrates the area, mocking the defense purple back and then lets start a mocking shot that ends in the low corner to the left of Frediani touching with the tips of his fingers; 2-0 and for Sodini is the eleventh seasonal center. A minute later is still Guagni launched by Barreca, this time on the right sector but once in the area shoots towards the seven, but high and to the side. Florence, however, has now exhausted nerve energies and the relative thrust and the final is all of Turin. At the 29 'crossbar of Zorri, at 33' Frediani para on a shot by Carissimi deviated from Sodini, at 37 'outside pole of Bonasera launched at the net, at 38' half turn Sodini flying a little high on the crossbar, then the parade Frediani on Tavalazzi's shot. Frediani will then be expelled to 45 'for a desperate intervention outside the penalty area that has avoided the third goal grenade. THE TABLE: TURIN: Caravilla, Pisano, Bosi (35 'St Julian), Parodi, Carissimi, Cassanelli (10' St Coluccio), Zorri, Tavalazzi, Gueli, Sodini, Bruno (24 'St Bonasera). All. Giancarlo Padovan JEWEL FLORENCE Frediani, Benucci, Guagni, Binazzi (20 'St Parrini), Ugolini, Pitzus, Colzi (45' St Leoni), Mauro, Barreca, Nencioni, Lucherini (10 'St Baglieri). All. Agostino Casazza. Referee: Pagliano di Milano NETWORKS: 9 'Zorri (Rig), 18' st Sodini Angles: 4-1 for Torino Ammonita: Pitzus at 42 'Expelled Frediani at 45' Carlo Carotenuto Press Office Gioiello Firenze 338 8803200 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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