Atalanta - Fiammamonza 2 - 2

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A penalty wounds offside perishes In the last race of the season the Nerazzuras overturn the temporary advantage targati Daniela Stracchi elegantly turning two penalty granted. The Fiammamonza reaches the final draw when Stracchi from twenty meters explodes an unsuccessful conclusion considering also the fact that the Bergamo defender Filippi has seen himself covered by players from Brianza in an obvious irregular position. The race director Lorenzo of the section of Lodi, in the company of the first line assistant Andresi, do not repent the sensational position by granting an 2-2 that at the same time appears fair. The Atalanta closes the season centering his second draw of the championship (the other obtained in Friuli on the field of Chiasellis now forced to the playoff salvation with Trento), a division of the post that at least allows the atalantine to close the season with a positive result. One thing is certain: when Atalanta wants to play it is able to do it regardless of the value of the various antagonists. The Fiammamonza fact is one of the most highly rated teams in the top flight, but none of those present at the municipal of Almenno San Salvatore saw a real difference in values. Surely the entry into the field of Manuela Mangili has enlivened the attack orobico, from the attempts to offense were born the two penalties decreed, from his flashes were born the major offensive actions of the girls of Mr. Michele Zonca. In the context of a first fraction subdued (on both fronts) the Fiammamonza breaks the ice with Veronica Vinci on which the extreme defender Carlotta Filippi makes a great intervention in perfect relaxation. The Brianza go to conduct with Stracchi, skilled nell'incorni a cross of Paliotti with heartfelt thanks to the rear of the house. the first fraction says very little while in the second half the race moves thanks to the entry of turbo Mangili. A resounding pole of Riboldi denies the draw, on the opposite side a cross shot by Paliotti kisses the crossbar, while a perfect insertion in the area of ​​Zizioli does not bear fruit. Mangili is stopped unsuccessfully (inside or outside the area?) And the referee decrees the penalty converted by Scarpellini. Shortly thereafter the script is repeated. An alleged knockdown on the Mangili is worth the second penalty of the afternoon made masterfully by the former on duty Samantha Ceroni. The Fiammamonza is the draw with Stracchi (conclusion from twenty meters), thanks to an obvious offside position. Peer and draw, end of the games. Bardolino Verona champion of Italy, Florence relegated to A2 while Trento and Chiasiellis will play the play-off. The curtain falls, closes a championship where Atalanta has reached in advance the permanence in the top flight or the first goal established by the association led by patron Maraglino since the time of pre-retirement in that of Premolo. Atalanta-Fiammamonza 2-2 Atalanta: Filippi, Zanoletti, Ceroni, Zizioli, Rota, Green Beans, Scarpellini (33'st Teli), Ramera, Bonometti, Riboldi, Caio (1'st Mangili). Coach: Zonca. Fiammamonza: Marchitelli, Balconi, D'Adda, Dede, Schiavi, Donghi, Franchin, Paliotti, Greco, Vinci (33'st Bertoni), Stracchi. Coach: Grilli. Referee: Lorenzo di Lodi (assistants Andresi and Alvino) Networks: 39'pt and 37'st Stracchi, 20'st Scarpellini (rig.), 32'st Ceroni (rig.) Press Office Atalanta Kono
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