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BARDOLINO CAMPIONE D'ITALIA Third Italian flag won in the last four years, semi Champions Cup final, best attack and best defense in this championship. Goals that speak for themselves! Only a great Fiammamonza ruined the party at the Garda in the 2005 / 2006 championship. Torres lands on the lake of Garga with the intention of ruining the party anticipated a day at the Gialloblu but fails despite an excellent match and a goal canceled very valid when the teams were on the momentary tie. Torres who in the first half managed to put the leaders on the ropes with a nice choral play by Conti, Fuselli (always stronger) and Iannella, in my opinion sacrificed in a role that does not allow him to demonstrate his qualities as a true champion. Two balanced teams, both very strong in front and dancers behind. Networks make the difference. The difference is made by Valentina Boni who orchestrates her team, supported by the always excellent Tuttino, and brushes the network incursions of Gabbiadini and Panico. Nice goal by Tuttino and Pamela Conti on the draw. Good game! CF BARDOLINO 3 EUROSPIN TORRES 1 Networks: 7p.t All, 17 pt Accounts, 38 pt Panic, 9's.t. Gabbiadini FORMATIONS: BARDOLINO VERONA: 1 Brunozzi, 21 Motta, 5 Sorvillo, 20 Stefanelli, 6 Ledri (1 st Magrini), 23 Girelli (1 'st Mencaccini), 19 Tuttino, 17 Vicchiarello, 8 Gabbiadini, 10 Boni, 9 Panico (17) 1 st Manieri) Available: Picarelli, Magrini, Toselli, Lonardi, Mencaccini, Barbierato, Manieri Longega Coach EUROSPIN TORRES: 9 Penzo, 23 Brand, 14 Perelli, 18 Cortesi, 10 Valenti, 22 Pintus, 13 Coluccini (20 st Crespi) , 9 Domenichetti, 19 Conti, 11 Fuselli, 600 Iannella At disposal: Winkler, Soro, Crespi, Placchi, Sardu, Mattu Coach Luiu Referee: Pasolini (Brescia) Assistants: Gozzo-Guzzanti (Verona) Note: XNUMX spectators, president of the FIGC Veneto Giovanni Guardini, the councilor for sport of the city of Verona Federico Sboarina, councilor for sport of Bardolino Francesco Marchiori
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