Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
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Serie A

Torres - Riozzese

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FAIR PLAY TORRES These "gestures" should make national media move. Why are not emphasized and not informed? Only one piece of Martina Angelini has been released on Tuttosport. This is one of the positive aspects of women's football in a violent and increasingly less sporting and educational world. It is the minute 17 of the first half when Piva and Piccinno are on the ground for a two-handed failure, the ball comes and Fuselli overcoming Gorno unaware that the two teams were already stopped to allow relief. Making the staff aware of what happened and in particular the technician Salvatore Arca invited his girls not to oppose the following action of the Riozzese that produced therefore the network of the new advantage signed by Piccinno. A gesture of great sportiness. The media is always looking desperate for gestures so pronfondi! The video of this gesture should run for every TG Sportivo! svegliaaaaaaaaaa .. by Walter Pettinati

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The verdicts of the National championships

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Exciting and fearless championships. Bardolino tricolore, Rome and Venice in A. The 22 ° championship decrees winners, losers and uncertainties. Playoff between Chiasiellis and Trento for a place in A. It was years since we saw a championship so fought in the hot areas of relegation. They all deserve to stay in A for their commitment, professionalism and organization. With Florence, one of the most advanced Italian companies in the youth sectors falls from the top of the league. It may have influenced the absence of Mr. Ciolli driving the viola. Playoffs and Italian Cup to play with any doubt to be resolved about the absence of the summons in the National Under 19? we'll see the dates! Two big cities rise in the top league: Rome, undisputed dominator of Group B. Cade the Mozzanica and Venice takes advantage of it and wins the promotion. Group A fought for an entire championship with the newly promoted Mozzanica, Brescia and Sampierdarenese ready for the great leap in the category. Promoted in A2: Montale 2000, Fortitudo Mozzecane, Gordige, Lazio and Calciosmania Naples. This afternoon at 16.30, Deferred on RaiSportSat of the Milan - Bardolino match. See to believe in which field was made to play a game that you knew shooting and broadcast on Rai, then we do not complain!

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THE JEWEL FLORENCE SAYS GOODBYE TO SERIE A Defeated by a strong Turin, they leave the maximum series after two years of stay. After two years of stay in the top flight, Gioiello Firenze finally says goodbye to the Serie A. The purple lineup was defeated by 2-0 away from Turin, which proved to be stronger as the championship wished and did not make any discounts. The advantage in the first half at 9 'with a penalty, perhaps generous, granted for a crushing of Benucci to Zorri the grenade doubled to the 18' of the shot with Sodini author of a prowess from distance. Also a victory of the rest to the purple formation would not be enough by virtue of the draw for 2-2 of Chiasiellis on the ground of Reggiana and the victory of Trento for 2-0 matured already in the first 45 minutes of play in Friuli with Tavagnacco. The viola championship ends with the balance of 4 victories, 3 draws and 15 defeats with the gilted team that closes as the rear end of the standings, with two coaches who led the team that went to sign with only 6 athletes on 22 who have set foot at least once in the field.

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Turin - The jewel of Florence 2 - 0

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The Turin closes this troubled season with a convincing victory and that bodes well in view of the return of the second round of the Italian Cup against Fiammamonza. The first half beyond the goal there is little else to recount, except when at the 6 'min.Maura Bruno alone in front of the door blatantly missed the shot by sending out the ball. So here we are at 8 'min. when Tatiana Zorri received a ball in the area, she broke away from the purple defender, but was mowed off. It is impeccable rigor! and Zorri herself takes care to beat it. The whistle blows and the grenade from the eleven meters to the right of the goalkeeper who senses the shot, but does not get there. It is 1-0. From that moment begins on the part of our girls a clear dominance over the opponents, but failing to ever be dangerous at the door. The second half of the grenade is quite different: already at the 3 'Sodini touches the goal with a strong low shot that ends just outside and after two dangers run within two minutes we arrive at the 2-0: we are at 18 ', Simona Sodini receives the ball in the area, the firm turns and pulls in the door a fireball as strong as precise that becomes learnable for Frediani.

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Atalanta - Fiammamonza 2 - 2

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A penalty wounds offside perishes In the last race of the season the Nerazzuras overturn the temporary advantage targati Daniela Stracchi elegantly turning two penalty granted. The Fiammamonza reaches the final draw when Stracchi from twenty meters explodes an unsuccessful conclusion considering also the fact that the Bergamo defender Filippi has seen himself covered by players from Brianza in an obvious irregular position. The race director Lorenzo of the section of Lodi, in the company of the first line assistant Andresi, do not repent the sensational position by granting an 2-2 that at the same time appears fair. The Atalanta closes the season centering his second draw of the championship (the other obtained in Friuli on the field of Chiasellis now forced to the playoff salvation with Trento), a division of the post that at least allows the atalantine to close the season with a positive result. One thing is certain: when Atalanta wants to play it is able to do it regardless of the value of the various antagonists. The Fiammamonza fact is one of the most highly rated teams in the top flight, but none of those present at the municipal of Almenno San Salvatore saw a real difference in values.

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Trento more motivated. Tavagnacco defeated 2-0 A motivated Trento passes to Tavagnacco, at the end of a one-way race that has seen the girls of Genta dominate for long stretches and waste numerous scoring balls. The Tavagnacco is dismissed in front of its audience with a defeat that does not cancel a championship played by the protagonist. Trento with the right attitude and immediately awarded. Meneghelli wise the reflexes of Buiatti who rejects short and allows the convenient tap-in of Agegoke for the guest advantage. Turn of the hands and Trento close to doubling again on the axis Adegoke-Meneghelli that does not frame the mirror of the door on the desperate exit of Buiatti. At the 3 'the response of Tavagnacco with Brumana kicking too central favoring the convenient intervention of Cretti. The game is pleasant with continuous changes in front and Tavagnacco becomes more enterprising with Bissoli and Stabile who fail to realize two beautiful choral actions. On the opposite side Adegoke devours the 2-0 by putting aside a favorable position.



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The Reggiana Munarini impacts 2-2 with the Chiasiellis in a race with continuous reversals in front. Result that confirms the sixth place for the grenade and brings the team in Friuli for the playoff for the permanence in Serie A. Retrocede the losing Florence while the Trento wins in Tavagnacco ending 19 points like the Chiasiellis. As we said open race that sees first the grenade advantage with Sabatino, advantage recovered before the end of the first half by Lavia. In the second part, however, is the team of Mister Marano who goes on taking the 2-1 always with Lavia. The Reggiana Munarini does not give up and presses on the accelerator building several dangerous actions. In one of these the Sabatino bomber still manages to score for the final 2-2. Result in the end right between two teams that have not given anything and who have honored in the best way this last round of the season. It is replayed Saturday ... the Italian Cup on stage.



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TRENTO KO IN THE HOUSE WITH MILAN Who is wrong pays. And the Trento Immobiliare Dolomiti, already beaten at home by the Atalanta fifteen days ago, was repeated on Saturday, failing many goals and leaving all the stakes at Milan. A heavy loss with a view to salvation that leaves little hope for the eagles to be able to center the stay in the category. Now to the Gialloblù there is only one chance: to beat Tavagnacco on the last day of the championship and to hope for the simultaneous defeat of Chiasiellis, Saturday able to get a point on the field of Reggiana. As against Atalanta, even in the internal match with Milan, the Trentino have been able to create numerous scoring goals without being able to finalize them. Especially in the first fraction of the game, played at a good rate by the eleven of Genta, Meneghelli and Adegoke have literally devoured three clumsy goal balls. At the start, at the first thrust, Milan took the lead with Cappella able to exploit an inattention of the rear guard and to beat Cretti from two steps.

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Riozzese - Atalanta 2-1

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La Riozzese puts the cigliegina on the cake. RIOZZO In the best way, the first adventure in Serie A of the Riozzese is closed in front of its audience with a convincing victory against Atalanta that allows the rosanero to overtake the Nerazzurri line-up in the standings. The game offers interesting ideas especially for the Riozzese, which seems very toned and puts in difficulty the team from Bergamo. At 15 'first initiative with Bonetti who tries from sixteen meters, but Gritti is opposed. At 28 'De Vincenzo is to try a raid from the right with an inviting cross to the center on which no one is ready to detour. It shows the Atalanta at 42 'with Mangili whose diagonal ends out.

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BARDOLINO CAMPIONE D'ITALIA Third Italian flag won in the last four years, semi Champions Cup final, best attack and best defense in this championship. Goals that speak for themselves! Only a great Fiammamonza ruined the party at the Garda in the 2005 / 2006 championship. Torres lands on the lake of Garga with the intention of ruining the party anticipated a day at the Gialloblu but you can not despite an excellent game and a goal canceled very valid when the teams were on momentary draw. Torres that in the first half managed to put the leaders on the ropes with a nice choral play by Conti, Fuselli (stronger and stronger) and Iannella in my opinion sacrificed in a role that does not allow him to demonstrate his qualities as a true champion. Two balanced teams, both very strong in front and dancers behind. Networks make the difference. The difference is made by Valentina Boni who orchestrates her team, supported by the always excellent Tuttino, and brushes the network incursions of Gabbiadini and Panico. Nice goal by Tuttino and Pamela Conti on the draw. Good game!

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