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LA TORRES IS SET FOR A ZERO ON THE BARDOLINO VERONA IN THE RACE OF RETURN AND SHOW IN SARDINIA THE COCCARDA TRICOLORE Even the Bardolino Verona girls are human beings! After two years of absolute domination at the national level and a great European season, the Gialloblù give the Italian Cup to Torres. The Sardinian team has imposed itself on its field for a zero net in the return leg of the Cup final and by virtue of the two goals scored away from home in the first leg (won by Bardolino for 3 to 2) the rossoblù report in Sardinia tricolor rosette stitched for two seasons on yellow-blue sweaters. The two teams are faced on the synthetic Codrongianos with important absences: Verona without the disqualified Stefanelli and the injured Barbierato, sardines who must do without the Penal and Conti disqualified but recover the defensive pillar Elisabetta Tona. The Bardolino, strong of the small advantage achieved in the first leg, for the first 20 minutes of play fell asleep with a dense web of passes. The most fit among the 22 in the field as in the first leg appears the red-blue striker Iannella that under the watchful eye of the blue CT Ghedin sends high a nice turn ... 'And the prelude to the goal that will result at the end decisive: just before half an hour Iannella over two defenders gialloblù slips in area from the bottom and beats the 'blameless Picarelli with a diagonal from close range. Bardolino Verona appears tired after 11 months of activity and uninterrupted victories in Italy and Europe. Gabbiadini can not escape from the narrow marking and Panico does not find the right flicker. Torres understands that this can be a unique opportunity to stop the Veronese domain and at 40 'find a penalty for a contact in the area between Sorvillo and Fuselli. Pintus is responsible for the kick from the eleven meters but Picarelli confirms the goalkeeper para-penalties going to deflect the corner of the torresina in the corner. In the second half Aqua Center Pose tries with greater insistence, but with a lack of clarity, the goal that could bring the tricolor cockade on the shores of Lake Garda, but is exposed to the re-starts of Iannella and companions. Vicchiarello has a good opportunity at the 4 'with a ball ending a blow to the side. Tuttino, Panico and the new entrants Toselli and Girelli also try but with little lucidity. On the other front is the usual Iannella to worry Picarelli that is saved to 36 'when the cross rejects the ball kicked by the attacker of Torres. The sardines resist in the five interminable minutes of recovery to the disordered assaults of the Veneto and exult at the final whistle for a well deserved conquest. The Italian Cup 2007 / 2008 back in Sardinia, Bardolino Verona go Scudetto, Supercoppa and Champions semifinals. The new season will restart the 30 August with the Super Cup and the umpteenth challenge between gialloblù and red-blue. EUROSPIN TORRES - 1 AQUA CENTER POSE BARDOLINO VR - 0 Networks: 29 'pt. Iannella Torres: Winkler, Brand, Tona, Perelli, Valenti, Domenichetti, Cortesi, Pintus (44 'St. Sardu), Crespi, Iannella (49' St. Mattu), Fuselli. Available: Sardu, Mattu, Razzoli, Coluccini. Coach: Tore Arca. Bardolino Verona: Picarelli, Motta, Magrini (1 'St Girelli), Sorvillo, Ledri (27' St Toselli), Tuttino, Manieri, Gabbiadini, Boni, Vicchiarello, Panico. Available: Brunozzi, Toselli, Mencaccini, Girelli, Perobello. Coach: Renato Longega. Referee: Topulli of Milan. Assistants: Tillocca of Alghero and Cadeddu of Sassari. Notes: Synthetic grass ground, windy day. At the 41 'pt. Picarelli called for a penalty kick beaten by Pintus. At the 22 'st. expelled for the Bardolino Verona Longega coach. Ammonite: Girelli, Iannella. 8 corners at 7 for Bardolino. 1 and 5 recovery. 500 spectators. Present in the stands the President of the Women's Football Division Natalina Ceraso Levati and the national coach Pietro Ghedin.
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