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BARDOLINO vs TORRES 3 - 2 THE GIALLOBLU 'SET FOR THREE NETWORKS TWO ON THE TORRES IN A RACE CHARACTERIZED BY MANY ERRORS. DOUBLE BED OF VALENTINA BONI ON PUNISHING AND RIGORING FOOTBALL. VICTORELLO'S VICTORY GOL. VERDETTO REMAINED AT THE RACE ON SATURDAY IN SASSARI. In the first leg of the Italian Cup final the girls of Bardolino Verona impose themselves for three goals to two on Torres at the end of a game characterized by the great thirst for revenge of the sardines and a Bardolino appeared a bit tired. Torres took the lead at the first opportunity with a great conclusion to the flight of Perelli that leaves no way out Picarelli. The Giallobl├╣ catch the draw at the 21 'with Valentina Boni who exploits in the best way a free kick from a decentralized position: the ball kicked by the Veronese playmaker lowers at the last instant, slumping under the crossbar. At the beginning of the recovery the sardines have a good opportunity with Fuselli who kicks off Picarelli. Panico and Coluccini - Photo Liborio At the eleventh Patrizia Panico, launched by the new entry Manieri, flees on the counterattack, shows up in front of Penzo that spreads out. Penalty kick and dismissal of the away goalkeeper replaced by Winkler. Valentina Boni is responsible for the kick from the eleven meters and with cold sign the net of the personal double. Panico soon after collects a ball not held by Winkler and puts in but remedies only the cancellation for offside and a yellow card. Despite the numerical inferiority Torres comes to the new draw with Spindles that exploits the mistake Stefanelli, a fever the day before, and stabs the innocent Picarelli. The Bardolino is not there and despite the accumulated fatigue is thrown forward in search of victory exposing himself to the Sardinian counterattack. The final three goals to two arrives at the half hour: Manieri charge the conclusion dallal baste distance, Winkler does not retain and Vicchiarello ribadisc and the ball in the net. So all returned to the return race n schedule Saturday in Sassari where the two teams will have to face without some important pawns. Torres will be deprived of the expulsion Penzo and Conti as well as Stefanelli, both suspected will be disqualified by the sports judge. THE TABLE: AQUA CENTRO POSE BARDOLINO VERONA 3 EUROSPIN TORRES 2 NETWORKS: 8 'pt Perelli, 21' Boni, 13 st Boni (rig), 18 st Fuselli, 30 st Vicchiarello BARDOLINO VERONA: Picarelli, Motta, Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Magrini, Tuttino, Girelli (1 st Manieri), Gabbiadini, Boni, Vicchiarello, Panico. At the disposal: Brunozzi, Toselli, Ledri, Perobello. All. Renato Longega. EUROSPIN TORRES: Penzo, Brand, Valenti, Perelli, Cortesi, Conti, Domenichetti, Bobbins, Pintus, Iannella (12 'st Winkler), Crespi Facilities: Tona, Sardu, Coluccini, Mattu, Razzoli All.Arca Referee: Ceol Merano Assistants: Gozzo and Vesentini. Notes: ammonite Conti, Cortesi (T) Panico, Stefanelli (B) at 12 st sent off goalkeeper Penzo for last man's foul
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