Friday, February 28 2020
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THE BARDOLINO OFFS THE FLAME FINAL BETWEEN VERONA AND TORRES BARDOLINO, WEDNESDAY WALK IN CALMASINO, RETURN SATURDAY NEXT IN SARDINIA. The girls of Bardolino Verona impose themselves for three goals to one also on the field of Monza and arrive for the third consecutive season at the final of the Italian Cup where they will meet Torres in the double comparison. In Brianza the gialloblù start with the comfort of the one to zero achieved in the first leg and put in the safe the qualifying speech in just 17 minutes. At the 4 'game Vicchiarello retrieves a ball in midfield and serves Panico. Millimeter opening of the captain of the national team for the accident Gabbiadini who anticipates Marchitelli out and pierces her with a delicious lob. The Veronese doubling comes on a penalty kick brought by Valentina Boni who is sunk by Schiavi at the height of the penalty spot. The same Gialloblù fantasist takes charge of the joke by placing the ball in the upper left corner of Marchitelli. The Monza has a reaction of pride and shortens the distance at the end of the first fraction with Ricco melee exploits a rebound and pierces the innocent Picarelli. Valentina Boni - Photo LIBORIO VERONA In the second half Bardolino tries to manage the advantage without wasting too much energy in view of the final (gone Wednesday) and the Monza touches a draw in a couple of occasions with Ricco that before is deflected in the corner of the ball Motta on the line, then sends incredibly to the side with the door unguarded. Having escaped the danger the Veronese return to push forward with the new entry Manieri that calls to the miracle Marchitelli on conclusion with a sure blow. The brinazole seem to accuse the heat more than the gialloblù that go to 26 ': Tuttino slips at the time of shooting the conclusion from the edge, comes out a low shot that deceives Marchitelli and bags at the end of the pole. The three to one for the Gialloblù definitely extinguishes the ardors of Lombardy, soon after the referee who flies over a showy landing of Patrizia Panico by the white-red goalkeeper. The last jolt of a pleasant race arrives at 42 'when Sorvillo saves on the line yet another attempt by a generous Ricco. The Bardolino Verona will therefore defend the tricolor rosette stitched on the jerseys facing Torres in the double final, on Wednesday in Calmasino, the return to Sardinia next Saturday. THE TABLE: XMUMX BONOLINE BONOLINO VERONA 1 NETWORKS: 3'p.t Gabbiadini, 4 'pt Boni (rig), 17 pt Rich, 44' st Tuttino Fiammamonza: Marchitelli, Balconi, D'Adda, Rivolta Schiavi, Greco, Franchin, Paliotti, Vinci (25 'stD'Andolfo), Stracchi, Ricco. Available: Ferraro, Dede, Bertoni, Celedi, Amorin De Sousa. All. Nazzarena Grilli. Aqua Center Pose Bardolino Verona: Picarelli, Motta, Stefanelli, Sorvilo, Magrini (35 st Ledri), Tuttino, Girelli (27 st Manieri), Gabbiadini, Boni, Vicchiarello, Panico. Available: Brunozzi, Perobello, Toselli. All. Renato Longega. Referees: Scirè di Chivasso. Assistants: Andresi and Oddo di Lodi Notes: Hot and sunny day, humped soil, spectators about 14, ammonite Stefanelli and Franchin.
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