Riozzese - Torres 1-2

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The dream of the Riozzese lasts a long time Bonetti deceives the rosanero reached and surpassed by Iannella and Pintus A company only slightly missed that of the Riozzese that, in front of the Torres battleship and in formation largely reworked, surrenders for a short time. After a great first half ended in advantage thanks to the network of Bonetti, the rosanero team paid duty in the second part when the greater experience and habit of Torres in this type of games, had the better. Lanzani, who has to give up Francesca Sironi, Piva, De Vincenzo, Carpino and Pignedoli, recovers his daughter Monica, even though not yet with the ninety minutes in his legs and makes Claudia Mauri, 15 years and excellent prospects start from the first minute ( but forced to leave the field due to injury after about half an hour) for the future. Just the newcomer rosanero after 1 'could already take the Riozzese advantage thanks to a cue on the left that finds however the great parade of Penzo in the corner. Torres answers to the 10 'with a detour under Fuselli's goal that is lost just wide. The Riozzese plays with great concentration fighting on every ball and at the 15 'it passes deservedly ahead. A long throw from the back is harpooned by Bonetti who sees the exit of the goalkeeper and overtakes him with a precise lob. Despite the advantage Lanzani's team continues to grind the game and leaves very little space for the maneuver, which is quite rough, for Torres. The only danger for Gorno's goal is when the rosanero goalkeeper misses the exit on a corner kick and the draw is almost there. In the second half, the plot of the race changed substantially with the Sardinian team entering the field with a completely different attitude, showing a very appreciable quality of play. At the 11 Tonani saves a deflected ball on the line after a corner kick. At the 15 'the guests find the draw even if the Riozzese has to complain about a foul not detected by the assistant just a stone's throw from the side line. Iannella gets hold of the ball and overtakes two opponents before hitting a precise shot from the edge that goes under the poles. The Riozzese is now struggling to contain the attacks of the Sardinian formation, also because the legs seem to no longer turn as in the first part of the race. At 19 'a header from Fuselli touches the post, while at the 26' a conclusion from the edge of Iannella is blocked by Gorno. The draw would not be a result to be thrown away at this point, but at the 33 'comes the net that delivers the victory and a good part of qualifying for Torres with Pintus who finds the right opening after a rejection of the Rosanero defense on the development of a football corner. To win the final, the Riozzese will now have to look for victory with at least two discarded goals in the return match in Sardinia the next 31 in May. Andrea Grassani from "Il Cittadino" of Lodi Riozzese: Gorno, Valeri, Tonani, Mauri (32 'pt Sironi L.), Asperti, Bonini, Mantuano, Lanzani M., Bonetti, Perini (35 'st De Falco), Piccinno. All .: Lanzani F. Torres: Penzo, Soro, Perelli, Cortesi, Crespi, Iannella, Domenichetti, Pintus, Valenti, Conti, Fuselli. All .: Arca Referee: Storace of Novi Ligure Goals: 15 'pt Bonetti, 15' st Iannella, 33 'st Pintus The dopopartita On the eve of the match against Torres, the Riozzese coach Franco Lanzani had more than a fear about the the possibility that his team could suffer a heavy defeat, instead things went rather well and with a bit more good luck the draw could also escape "We knew it would be hard - Lanzani attacks - but instead I have to say that things they went much better than expected. We did a great first time with great concentration and application, then in the second half they did much better. On the other hand it was not easy for us to stand up to a team like Torres in these conditions, so much so that before the game I spoke clearly to the girls saying that we either entered the field at maximum concentration or risked the fool ”. Now with a negative result, but with the will to try it we will go to Sardinia the next 31 May "If in the meantime - continues Lanzani - as I hope, we will recover some element we will play it to the end and when I say that we will play we'll say that we will try to earn the final knowing that it will be difficult, but not impossible ”. Even Salvatore Arca Torres technician does not consider the qualification speech closed. "Absolutely not - he comments - also because if we enter the field as we entered in the first half will be trouble. We knew that the Riozzese could put us in difficulty because we saw it in previous matches in the league where we had always struggled. First time to be canceled, but second best time - continues dela Torres technician - and from there we have to start again to close the conversation. We can say that ours is an undoubtedly positive result, but woe to think of managing this victory in the second leg, at least, I am not able to prepare a game by managing a result. The important thing at this point - gloss Arca - will be to reach the final which for me would be the fifth at the wheel of Torres.
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