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ITALIAN CUP, LARGE 4 IN SEMIFINAL TORRES, BARDOLINO, RIOZZESE AND FIAMMAMZA. The gap with the Torres and Carpisia Calciosmania saves the trip to Sassari. Bardolino overwhelming against Tavagnacco. After the 6 - 2 of the first leg, the Gardesans win in Tavagnacco for 1 - 3. Riozzese defeat at Sezze for 2 - 0 but passes the turn by virtue of winning the first leg for 4 - 1. PALIOTTI SHOWFiammamonza passes the turn. There Reggiana the advantage with Eccher is reached and defeated. In the semi-finals: BARDOLINO vs FIAMMAMONZA and TORRES vs RIOZZESE In the details the comments and game tables. FLAME-REGGIANA 2-1 Finesce at the Sada stadium in Monza the season for Reggiana Munarini. In the Italian Cup quarter-finals, after the first leg of the 0-0, the grenades surrendered to the 92 'when the Brianza team scored the second goal and fixed the result on the final 2-1. The Reggiana had opened the match by taking the lead in the first half with a goal from Eccher who took advantage of a defensive opponent. The Emilians today are in a day and on the field we can see, a good game and a lot of determination and determination. They control the match and go to the locker room at the end of the first half. At the start of the second half the game has a turning point with the expulsion of Roberta Casile, who is immediately followed by the Monza draw. The Brianza players believe again and go to the boarding but the Reggiana continues its great test resisting as already said until the minutes of recovery where the Monza marks that goal that leads him to pass the turn. What can I say ... a great Reggiana who, like in the championship, ends up with an excellent performance this season 2007 / 2008. FIAMMAMONZA: Marchitelli, Balconi (31'D'Andolfo), D'Adda, Rivolta, Schiavi, Bertoni (59 'Vinci), Franchin, Paliotti, Ricco, Greco, Stracchi. To disp .: Ferraro, Dede, Scolaro, Donghi. All. Nazzarena Grilli. REGGIANA: Vicenzi, Baldi, Davoli, Nasuti, Casile, Neboli, Eccher, Brutti, Sabatino, Barbieri, Costi (67 'Prost). A disp .: Anelli, Cimurri, Bonati, Fragni. All. Bertolini Milena REFEREE: Bellero of Casale Monferrato NETWORKS: 20 'Eccher 65' and 92 'Paliotti NOTES: 51' Expelled Casile. Ammonite Schiavi and Sabatino TAVAGNACCO - BARDOLINO 1 - 3 CUP ITALY: WITH A TRIPLET OF SPEEDY GONZALES GABBIADINI THE BARDOLINO VERONA IS REQUIRED ALSO IN THE RETURNED RACE IN FRIULI (1-3) AND FLIES IN THE SEMIFINAL WHERE IT WILL FACE THE MONZA. Saturday 10 May 2008 The girls of Aqua Centro Pose Bardolino with a hat-trick by Speedy Gonzales Gabbiadini impose themselves on Tavagnacco also in the second leg of the Coppa Italia quarter-finals and reach the semifinal of the Italian competition. After the bombastic result achieved in the first leg, the passage of the round was not in question in Friuli but the Veronese women also honored the commitment in the presence of a Tavagnacco in search of the prestigious result against the Italian champions. Fulminante the start of the race of the girls coached by Renato Longega who pass already in the third minute: Melania Gabbiadini launched from Tuttino flies into the area of ​​Udine and beat Marcutti outgoing with a low shot to cross. The six Veronese returning from the Swedish engagement with the National team show that they are not overly affected by the blue labors and are almost doubling with Panico, who calls Marcutti to the rejected double. On the other hand, the most dangerous of the Friulians is the forward Mauro who from first foot sends to the side, then he sees himself cancel the marking for out of the game. The temporary draw of Udine arrives at the 20 ': masterful free kick by ex-Gardesana Paola Brumana who puts the ball in the top corner to the left of Picarelli. In the second half the Tavagnacco appears more tired than the Bardolino who takes advantage of it. On the developments of the action conducted from the left on the Magrini - Boni - Vicchiarello axis, the latter crosses for Gabbiadini who controls and puts in the net of the new Veronese advantage. The number eight Verona is impregnable and after having committed Marcutti who saves himself with the help of the stake, he definitively closes the race at the 40 'signing the network of the personal triplet. Bomber Gabbiadini enters very fast in the area, serves Valentina Boni who is decentralized and from the bottom returns the ball to be pushed to the back of the net. Bardolino therefore that imposes itself for 3 to 1 also in Tavagnacco and flies in the semifinals where it will face Monza. Saturday at the Belvedere of Calmasino the first race followed by the celebrations for the conquest of the third tricolor and for the historic adventure in the Champions League. Networks: 3'p.t. Gabbiadini, 20 pt Brumana, 17 st Gabbiadini, 40 st Gabbiadini Tavagnacco: Marcutti, Tabacchi, Donà, Turra, Brumana, Tommasella (31 st Simeoni), Di Filippo, Gama, Mauro (31 st Usenich), Stabile, Bissoli (24 st Bucovaz). Available: Bonassi, Pividori, Battistin, Minisini. All. Edoardo Bearzi. Bardolino Verona: Picarelli, Motta ( Ledri), Stefanelli, Sorvillo, Magrini, Tuttino, Manieri (1 st Girelli), Gabbiadini, Boni, Vicchiarello, Panico (31 st Toselli). Available: Brunozzi, Lonardi, Perobello, All. Renato Longega. Referee: Luca Zanetti of Conegliano. Assistants: Andreetta and Zanzaro from Udine. Notes: Land in good condition but with particularly high turf. Cloudy afternoon, with some rain showers. Spectators about 200. Present the CT of the National under 19 Corradini and the former bomber of the national team in the years' 70-'80 Elena Schiavo. 4-2 corners for Tavagnacco, 1 and 3 recovery. Ammmonite: Boni and Tommasella. ON TV: Telearena service on Monday at 22,00 approximately during "Amateur Objective" Extensive summary Tuesday at 20,25 on Euroitaly-Venetosat (893 Sky channel) and at 21,00 on Televeneto.
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