Friday, February 28 2020
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Riozzese - Sezze 4-1

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Cyclone Bonetti crashes on Sezze and brings the Riozzese one step away from his first historic Italian Cup semi-final. The gap between the two teams (two categories of difference, the Lazio teams in Serie B) is too wide to avoid expecting a different outcome. The formation of Lanzani had however the merit of forcing right from the start by immediately putting under the opponents that for the first 45 minutes they could not do anything but try to contain, however with poor results, the rosanero fury. That the day was not one of the most propitious for the Lazio team is already understood after 3 'when Bonetti is primed by Piccinno and with an authentic stone call to the rejected goalkeeper with his fists. A minute passes and the Riozzese takes the lead thanks to Bonetti who .. .. served by De Vincenzo from the top of the area, an opponent jumps and starts a long lob that goes into the opposite corner. It is the net that paves the way for the rosanero that after a few minutes could already double with Perini whose shot from sixteen meters touches the target. At the 14 'Perini again after an exchange with Piccinno shoots to the net, but Severino flies and deflects for a corner. It is always a rosanero monologue the first part of the race and Tatiana Bonetti (returning after qualifying for the European finals, with the National Under 19), she is the main interpreter. At the 20 'De Vincenzo calibrates a precise cross for Piccinno's head that serves the striker 16enne good at breaking free with a fake defender and electrocuting the Lazio goalkeeper for the second time. At the 26 'it is Piccinno's turn with a half-upside to touch the third goal, while Sezze shows up on the side of Gorno at the 35' with Capponi hitting the post, then the ball reaches the goalkeeper's arms. In the end of time De Vincenzo also shows himself at the conclusion, very inspired in the role of “suggestor” for the companions, but his shot touches the crossbar. Francesca Sironi also tries before the break with a header that is lost slightly. Bonetti on the other hand is not wrong at 45 'which served as Perini's inverted sign his third pearl of the day. In the second half, the Riozzese now seems to pay for a result that knows so much about qualifying in the safe and considerably slows down the pace even for a series of physical problems . At the 5 'the race director replies the extremes of the penalty after a contrast between De Vincenzo and Cianci, but from the spot the same player of the Sezze shoots high. Piccinno suffers a severe blow to the head and is transported to the hospital for the necessary investigations (the trauma was then reabsorbed, a little rest will be needed). In his place enters De Falco who at the 28 'puts the fourth rosanero goal on Perini's assist, while Sezze at the 35' signs the flag goal with Corradini. RIOZZESE: Gorno, Valeri, Asperti, Piva (43 'st Lacchini), Sironi F., Mantuano (29' st. Bonini), Sironi L., De Vincenzo, Bonetti, Perini, Piccinno (15 'st De Falco). En .: Lanzani SEZZE: Severino, Ciarlo, Valetto, Bussu, Cianci, Bossi (1 'st Corradino), Duò, Bellucci (25' st Testa), Coletta (29 'st Rubeca), Capponi, Perotti. All .: Tesse Referee: Dirold of Lovere Nets: 4 'pt, 20' pt and 45 'pt Bonetti, 28' st De Falco, 35 'st Corradin Lanzani enjoys it: «The 3-4-3 trial is gone very well »Franco Lanzani comments more than positively on his team's performance:« I tried the 3-4-3 for the first time and the answers were more than convincing. The attack was well supported by the midfield and we didn't risk almost nothing in defense ». A game therefore quite obvious but that the Riozzese has been able to channel right away into the right track by making safe the qualification in view of next Sunday's return to Sezze: «We have kept the pace high since the beginning forcing the opponents immediately on the defensive - continues the Riozzese technician - then, when you take the lead after a few minutes, everything becomes easier. However, I have to admit that Sezze is a good team, although I believe that the two categories of difference made themselves felt ». In view of the return Lanzani announces that he will resort to a sustained turn over: "I really think we will have to make several changes - he confirms - because certainly Tonani, Asperti and Monica (Lanzani, ed) will be missing, while Carpino and Piva are in doubt". In any case, the 4-1 is a result that leaves us quite calm: "I don't even want to think that our qualification is in danger - smiles Lanzani - because getting an 4-1 to be replaced would be too much". Andrea Grassani from "Il Cittadino" of Lodi Andrea Grassani from "Il Cittadino" of Lodi
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