Calciosmania - Torres 0 - 7

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TOO STRONG, TORRES GOES TO NAPLES The prohibitive first leg of the Italian Cup quarter-finals leaves no way out to Carpisa, against the second force of Italian women's football. That was a difficult race we knew. And Torres, who came to Naples to play the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Italian Cup, did not make discounts to Carpisa, overcoming it with a peremptory 0-6, which has definitively extinguished the Neapolitan hopes to continue the journey in the second national competition, after winning the Serie B championship. It will, in fact, be almost impossible to recover in Sardinia, in ten days, the result to go to the next round, but certainly not this negative result to ruin a season that has given so much satisfaction and many records to the Neapolitan team, which at this point can already start planning the next season in the top flight. The "tartarughine" technician, Barbara Nardi, at the end of the race commented: "We expected not to be able to play on equal terms, also because for them this is a primary objective and they came to Naples with the team to complete. We held up well for the first 20 minutes, then there was no more game, also because they showed a very good athletic preparation Then they had many girls of the national team, who brought their experience into the field. If it had arrived at another time of the season, maybe this race we could have played differently, but at the end of the season, with a team tired and psychologically also a little satisfied by the great season, we could hardly have done more. But I'm happy with what was shown at the beginning of the race, because it means that the conditions to play well against the most experienced and equipped teams of us are all there ". The return match Eurospin Torres - Carpisa Napoli will take place on Sunday 11 May in Sassari.
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