Friday, February 28 2020
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The first ninety minutes of the Reggiana Munarini-Fiammamonza challenge ended in a draw In the first leg of the Coppa Italia quarter-finals, the team scored a white goal. The verdict for those who pass the turn is therefore postponed in ten days, Saturday 10 May, when the return match will be staged at the Sada di Monza stadium. In today's race prevails warmth and tactics that make the meeting not too fast but still nice enough. At the beginning the two teams try to play, each with the goal of bringing home all the stakes at stake but with the passing of the minutes it comes to prevail the primary fear of not taking them to play then everything in the next race. And 'so' is born an encounter played mainly in midfield with few real shares from the network and in principle with continuous changes in the face. In flashing tries to make the game Monza but in other moments of the race and 'Reggiana Munarini who takes the midfield and manages the ball. Good girls grenade for a 0-0 against a team that until today was the black beast of Emilia. He did not win but also not to concede a goal is a good start to go and play the passage of the round at Monza. Still open to access the semi-finals ... then win the best REGGIANA: Vicenzi, Davoli (82 'Prost), Del Prete (87' Bonati), Nasuti, Casile, Neboli, Eccher (54 'Costs), Baldi, Sabatino, Barbers, Brutti. Available: Anelli, Guareschi, Cimurri. All. Bertolini Milena FIAMMAMONZA: Marchitelli, Balconi, D'Adda, Rivolta, Vinci, Donghi (79 'Bertoni), Franchin, Paliotti, Ricco (87' D'Andolfo), Greek (57 'Dede), Stracchi. Available: Ferraro, Celedi, Amorin. All. Nazzarena Grilli. REFEREE: Avone di Imola AMMONITE: Del Prete, Rivolta, Ricco, Stracchi.
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