Wednesday, May 27 2020
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City of Capena, five to Dorica ahead of the big match against Virtus Romagna

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A race played well and interpreted even better by the Leprotte who practically take a single bite of the Ancona women who actually pull the plug after the three to zero of the first half. Initial quintet without Neka absent by disqualification and with Csepregi who returns among the owners: Menichelli, Mercuri, Will, Ribereite and precisely the Hungarian. Ready via Will is uncontainable and does within two minutes brace putting the game completely downhill.

The Brazilian is literally angry and takes the team on her shoulders. The Dorica halfway through the first fraction already seems to be in debt of oxygen and it is difficult to contain the game of the girls of Mister Chiesa. Excellent test of Fuhrmann who with a large minute confirms the confidence of his coach. Two from the end comes the seal to the game with Will who does everything alone and serves Ribereite a real chocolate to throw in. In fact, the clash between the two teams ends.

Second half with Mister Chiesa who decides to make the squad available immediately and returns with the quintet Moczik, Serqueira, Annese, Mercuri and Will. Annese the most perky is so much that on the seventh he scored the goal of four to zero. Capena plays and has fun: the young Sechi also enters giving her contribution. In the eleventh lightness of Ribeirete who actually delivers the goal of the flag to the Marche. Capena does not get upset, Chiesa puts D'Amelia in place of Moczik making all the goalkeepers play.
Three from the end also came the goal for Fuhrmann which sealed an excellent performance.
The gap remains unchanged with the second in the standings or Virtus Romagna, the opponent of next Sunday when the Leprotte away from home could slide the credits to the championship; health emergency permitting.

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