Saturday, April 04 2020
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Poker del Capena in the Marche region

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Capena makes thirteen: poker in civitanova and fifth consecutive championship win.
A nice victory for the Leprotte who after a first half where they don't find the goal, but play very well, trim four at the Marche. The first opportunity, however, is from Civitanova who with a fast counterattack points Menichelli's goal, the shot goes out. The Capena takes a few minutes to adapt to the small size of the field so much so that the Leprotte also misinterpret the various lines.

After a few minutes, however, the game is the same as always: fluid and beautiful to look at. Ribeirete jumps the respective opponent several times on the side, but fails to reach the good conclusion for the advantage. The pace of the race is of a good level, but the decisive play is missing so that the two teams cancel each other while playing in a totally different way. Neka seems the most enterprising and a couple of shots from the left are deflected for a corner by the good extreme defender from the Marche. Artichokes at the seventeenth touches the goal on the relaunch of their goalkeeper. Just outside. The first half ends like this.

Second time of a completely different kind: Leprotte garibaldina also shook by the directives of Mr. Church in the interval. Neka takes the team in hand goes one on one, serves Ribeirete in the center which solves the ball for the number eight red and white who unloads a deadly right under the crossings. It is the one to zero that breaks the race. Time two rounds of hands and the second goal arrives: Neka dribbles two and puts a ball in the center just to push in the net. Mercuri does not miss the appointment and scores. Two to zero. In the eighth Fuhrmann touches the third goal and in the ninth the extreme defender of the Marche saves a nice shot by Csepregi out of the area: it is direct red. On the following punishment is Neka who goes on the ball, Will serves that is not wrong is the three to zero. The Civitanova is knocked out by the Capena's ten-minute roller. The red and white from that moment on control the race, Mister Church runs all including the young. Three minutes from the end the Marche on an error in Ribeirete's setting reach the goal. A two from the end, a minute later, Will kicks hard and Artichokes does not hold back: Annese heads her in and does the poker of the day.

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