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City of Falconara: Pascual, Guti and Vieira sign the success on the Pelletterie

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The fifty served for the City of Falconara which beats Pelletterie thanks to a good collective test where the Spanish Guti stands out with two goals and two assists. It is precisely the number 3 of the Citizens to conquer the foul from the edge of the area that Pascual translates into the net, breaking the balance of the match. A few minutes later Lidia Moreira won a penalty which Pascual made himself saved but the doubling was not long in coming and always came on a free-kick scheme.

This time Guti supports and gets the ball back from Vieira before unloading the left behind Giovannini. The first half slips away without particular gasps, except the woods affected by Moreira (heel), Guti (still her, sensational on the fly) and, for the guests, Duco. In the second half Citizens continue to push. The 3-0 comes thanks to the agreement between Pererira, the perfect cross, and Vieira's head: Giovannini does not hold back and the Portuguese retorts to the net. The Tuscans are not there and Duco, in serpentine, shortens the distance. However, the Falconarese fans have one more weapon: Guti crowns a game of 10 votes in the report card by packaging the 4-1 on the assist in the Pascual area.

Praise comes with the perfect assist on the far post for the rushing Vieira. Brace also for the Portuguese and 5-1 Falconara. At that point mister Zudetich sets the fifth move and immediately Kalè reduces the passive by mocking Dibiase at the near post. The pressure increases and Dibiase is called to various interventions but the last gasps remain of the blue brand: the counterattack of Ciferni and Moreira ends only outside and, a few minutes later, the pole denies Pascual his personal brace. Other final woods: a new pole for Duco and a crossbar for Vieira with a beautiful lob that would have deserved better fate.


City of Falconara 5
2 Leather Goods

City of Falconara: Dibiase, Vieira, Luciani, Pereira, Ferrara, Guti, Pascual, Moreira, Ciferni, Verzulli, Brugnoni. All. Neri

Leather goods: Giovannini, Kalè, Pasos, Duco, Iaquinandi, Nicita, Perez, Maione, D'Amato, Fossi, Pucci. Att. Zudetich

Goals: 8'34 '' pt Pascual (F), 14'16 '' Guti (F), 2 'st Vieira (F), 2'46' 'Duco (P), 3'54' 'Guti (F) , 7'16 '' Vieira (F), 11'24 '' Kalè (P)

Notes: ammonite Iaquinandi (P), Pucci (P), Moreira (F); at 12'32 '' of the pt Pascual (F) missed a penalty.

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