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Sassoneone's lionesses roar in the derby-salvation!

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Nicole and Jennifer Antonecchia overturn the initial disadvantage. Sassoleone thus won the fundamental match against the Tenth Sport Camp, grabbing the Bolognese with nine points in the standings. We will return to the field on Sunday 1st March with the important match against Futsal Prandone, last in the ranking.

An excellent Sassoleone wins the derby on the pitch of the Decima Sport Camp, at the end of a match left in the balance until the last seconds. After the initial disadvantage, in the second half the lionesses overturn the result thanks to the goals of Nicole and Jennifer Antonecchia. Thus arrive three fundamental points with a view to salvation. The Sassoleone, with this success, hooks the Tenth to nine points which, by virtue of direct clashes, now slides into the penultimate position.
The calendar now observes another Sunday of rest, before another key meeting. On March XNUMX, the Futsal Prandone tail light will arrive at the Castel San Pietro Terme hotel. The Gialloblù will want to redeem the defeat of the first leg, taking advantage of the positive moment.

At minute 3 the Tenth takes the lead thanks to Rocca, who right stabs D'Elia (1-0). Thirty seconds later Vartuli goes a few millimeters from the tie, when his shot to cross is broken on the internal crossing of the poles. At 5 'Jennifer Antonecchia is produced in a providential defensive closure, preventing the shot to Rocca. The owners then become dangerous with Tangerini, D'Elia is good at lying down foiling the threat. Sassoleone does not give up ends with Jenni Antonecchia, Forlani para. On a long shot by Forlani, Tangerini hits the head in turn, D'Elia with feline reflections pounces on the ball and blocks. At 16 'Magrini serves Giovannini who heads slightly to the side.

In the second half Sassoleone starts immediately strong: after a handful of seconds Spada goes very close to the same; a minute later the same number 19 guest hits the right by putting out a little. The Tenth is not there and tries to double with Rocca, who undergoes the miraculous recovery of Vartuli, able to knock out the opponent ready for the conclusion. The formation of Siglioccolo is still dangerous with Spada deflecting the shot of captain Jennifer Antonecchia by hitting the post to the left of Forlani. At 12 'the Tenth goes close to doubling with Testoni who, face to face with D'Elia, hits the right upright. Sassoleone draws at 15 minutes thanks to an excellent phrasing that frees Nicole Antonecchia who, from a few steps, pierces Forlani (1-1).

Two minutes from the end the ball of the local advantage is on Rocca's feet, D'Elia somehow manages to take refuge in the corner. On the developments of the corner a melee is unleashed, Ricci goes to the shot but raises his aim. A free-kick is whistled in front of Sassoleone for a foul by Landini. Bonaventura is in charge of the execution but the post denies the joy of the goal to the lioness number ten. The match is played on rapid counterattacks and immediately the Tenth manages to reach the conclusion on which D'Elia is formidable, managing to avoid the net of the little balls. Thirty seconds from the siren, the sixth foul is whistled against the Tenth for an irregular intervention on Miriam Bonaventura. Jennifer Antonecchia shows up from the free-throw spot and beats Forlani (1-2) coldly. In the last few seconds the hosts pour in attack in search of the net; the girls of Siglioccolo raise their barricades successfully defending the result.

Tenth Sport Camp - Sassoleone 2015 APD 1-2

Tenth Sport Camp: 2 Cassanelli, 3 Ricci, 7 Rocca, 8 Pesci, 9 Bagnoli, 10 Facchini, 11 Tangerini, 12 Forlani (P), 13 Landini, 15 Testoni, 17 Brands, 25 Galavotti (P). All. Federica Bagnoli.

Sassoleone 2015 APD: 1 D'Elia (P), 3 N. Antonecchia, 5 Graziani, 6 Mordenti, 7 Magrini, 8 Vartuli, 9 Porfiri, 10 Bonaventura, 11 Giovannini, 12 Lemme (P), 19 Sword, 22 J. Antonecchia. All. Giovanni Siglioccolo.

Referees: Mr. ri Sodano and Maragno of Bologna.

Markers: PT 2'26 ”Rocca (D); ST 14'23 "N. Antonecchia (S), 19'30" J. Antonecchia (S).
Notes: ammonite D'Elia (S), Landini, Facchini (D).

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