Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The city of Capena conquers Francavilla and extends ..

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A nice game at times tactically blocked that of today at the Pala Roma in Montesilvano so as to be of a superior category. After twenty seconds Pastorini makes it clear immediately that air pulls to the Pala Roma and enters hard on Will. Francavilla ordered and not at all afraid of the leaders who, however, almost immediately opened the scoring with a beautiful and precise lateral foul pattern.

Ribeirete puts her in from a favorable position. It all seems downhill, but the Francavilla is not there and puts his head out. Physical and heart to the Abruzzo are not lacking and in fact on a defensive carelessness of the Leprotte equalizes momentarily the race. The game would be expected to pick up, but it won't. Capena continues to play its game without breaking much and Francavilla lowers orderly waiting for the good ball. At the thirteenth, however, Mercuri has the good ball to bring Capena back, but he makes little mistakes, then it is still Ribeirete to go one on one with the Giallorossi goalkeeper, but he does not take advantage of it and gets the kick back. The Romans seem to dominate the race even on fouls, Francavilla goes to fifth, but within three minutes the referees of the race decide to whistle three blocks almost one after the other. Capena also goes as a bonus. On the wire of the siren Will makes the sixth foul, Francavilla free throw, the shot goes to the side. Ends the first fraction on the draw.

In the second half Capena engages the extra gear and if in the first he seemed to control the race in the second he rightly accelerated. The Francavilla while keeping the field and not disfiguring does what it can to stem above all the quality of the one against one of Ribeirete, Neka and Will. As the minutes pass, Capena increases the pressure in the opposing half of the field both in the defensive phase, Mister Chiesa's team is always high, and in the offensive phase with a fast ball turn that is able to verticalize quite quickly. The goal is in the air and so that on a beautiful action by Will on the resulting shot, the elbow of an Abruzzese player hits the ball. Will's rigor and advantage that is not wrong. Capena sniffs the blow of Kappao and continues to play with great maturity even raising the first line of pressure. The fool situation gets out of hand and Capena himself goes into a bonus after two very dubious fouls whistled first to Neka and then to Ribeirete.

But the leprotte do not break up and grind game. Neka steals the ball and starts the counterattack in half the time. Masterful restart and goal by Will who bags one meter from the goal line. Game on ice, Mister Church raises the number of rotations and limits himself to managing the game. The red and white girls, however, want to force and go up a couple of times under pressure, the referees whistle a sixth foul quite doubtful, even if the entry of Ribeirete, albeit venial, is slightly late.

Francavilla is still wrong from the spot by wasting the second free throw in practice the curtain falls on the race. Menichelli does the rest by making two beautiful parades on instinct.

Capena proves strong and confident even in a race where the opponents deserve only applause for having organized themselves flawlessly and given their best. Next Sunday will be Capena-Francavilla again, this time the Italian Cup and the Final Four are at stake. It will be another good fight for both.

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