Monday, April 06, 2020
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Sassoleone defeated in Perugia despite a brave comeback

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At PalaPellini an excellent Sassoleone falls on the final at the hands of the red and white, after having reassembled from 5-2 to 5-5. There remains a consistent performance that bodes well for the near future. The championship will now have a week off. We will return to the field on Sunday 9 February for the home match against Virtus Romagna.

Probably the best Sassoleone of the season loses in the final against Perugia, after a well-played game. The girls of Siglioccolo, after having taken the lead in the first half, suffer the blaze of the red and white, to then pack a comeback with bows and return to the match going from 5-2 to 5-5. A few seconds from the siren, Colucci's goal ends hostilities by denying Sassoleone the joy of obtaining a precious point. The gap from the play-out area, thanks to the draw of the Decima Sport Campo against Sabina Lazio, is now three lengths.
Next Sunday the championship will observe a weekend of rest. The recovery will take place on February 9th when Virtus Romagna arrives at the Castel San Pietro Terme hotel, third in the standings and returning from the 5-3 victory at Dorica Torrette

After a phase of Perugia's initial territorial advantage, Sassoleone takes the lead with Bonaventura on the developments of a point kick (0-1). The locals find the draw a few minutes later with Colucci, good at bagging with an angled shot (1-1). The Umbrians continue their forcing and are rewarded finding the advantage thanks to the solitary action of Conti (2-1). Three seconds after the end of the first fraction Bonaventura brings the match back into balance, taking advantage of a lack of attention from the rear of the house (2-2).

In the second half Mastrini draws an impregnable trajectory for Lemme at 3 'and gives Perugia the lead (3-2). The match seems to hang on the side of the red and white who widen the gap with Haruyama a minute later (4-2). Sassoleone can not find the way to the goal and it is still the Japanese to make the fifth goal for Perugia, after collecting the assist from Donati (5-2).
Suddenly the landlords let go and leave ample space for Sassoleone who is not to be prayed for. By deploying Miriam Bonaventura as goalkeeper of movement, the lionesses reopen the game thanks to the network of Spada and the brace of captain Jennifer Antonecchia. Five minutes from the end, with the match on 5-5, the fate of the game is uncertain. When the match seems to be heading towards a pyrotechnic draw, Colucci's goal ends, turning off the hopes of the Gialloblù.

Perugia Futsal - Sassoleone 2015 APD 6-5

Perugia Futsal: 1 Pordenoni (P), 3 Colucci, 5 Catamerò, 7 Mastrini, 8 Goracci, 9 Lombardelli, 10 Donati, 12 Ricottini (P), 16 Conti, 17 Tosi, 19 Haruyama .. Att. Marco Abati.

Sassoleone 2015 APD: 1 D'Elia (P), 5 Graziani, 6 Mordenti, 7 Magrini, 8 Vartuli, 10 Bonaventura, 11 Giovannini, 12 Lemme (P), 17 Benfenati, 19 Sword, 22 J. Antonecchia, 99 Hats. All. Giovanni Siglioccolo.

Referees: Mr. Oggiano of Olbia and Mr. Poli of Foligno.

Markers: PT 12'23 "Bonaventura (S), 13'00" Colucci (P), 15'23 "Conti (P), 19'57" Bonaventura (S); ST 2'34 "Mastrini (P), 3'38", 10'57 "Haruyama (P), 11'15" Sword (S), 12'34 ", 14'44" J. Antonecchia (S), 19 '45 "Colucci (P).
Notes: Colucci ammonite, Catamerò (P), Giovannini, Magrini (S).

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