Thursday, February 26, 2015
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PalaBadiali bitter for the City of Falconara: Montesilvano wins in comeback

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The City of Falconara falls home against Montesilvano and, after six consecutive useful results, chews bitterly. Same result of the first leg 2-4, although playing very well in the first half and taking the lead at the start of the second half. Balanced game - also worth mentioning the debut goal for Lidia Moreira - but that the Abruzzese bring home while remaining concentrated until the siren.

Everything in the second half after a first half nailed on zero to zero despite excellent opportunities for Lucileia on one side and for Vieira for the hosts with the balls that parade of nothing. Amparo makes Dibiase fly, Pereira engages Sestari. Better than the CdF in the final with repeated occasions: Dal'maz has the most gluttonous, taken in the same time by Guti's great diagonal at Sestari. The resumption ignites after just 33 seconds. Dal'maz unhinges the ball from Amparo's feet and serves Luciani who returns it to him by resisting the opponent's pressure, lateral support for the adventurous Vieira who makes no mistake and detonates PalaBadiali. The Montesilvano accuses, the Citizens take advantage but Sestari keeps the hut standing: double parade on Dal'maz and on the riveted by Luciani, then on Vieira and finally again on Luciani diagonally. Montesilvano remains afloat and draws with Belli, able to turn his back on the door and hit diagonally. Always Belli, insidious more than ever, immediately afterwards forces Dibiase to the miracle. Dal'maz on the other side copies Belli but without framing the mirror.

But Montesilvano has now revitalized. Grind and take the lead in the 12th thanks to a bet from distance by Amparo. A handful of seconds and the Portuguese Lidia Moreira baptizes her debut with the 2-2 goal resisting the pressure of Amparo in the area, on assist to Luciani's kiss. But Montesilvano is not a customer who gives up and knows how to do badly. As an inactive ball, and on this we will have to concentrate, the subsequent goals of Belli and Amparo arrive, making the Abruzzesi take off. The final forcing of the hawks, with Pereira fifth of movement, does not reverse the course. There is no time neither to regret, nor to rest because on Wednesday 22nd we are already back on the field for the Division Cup. Started from inside or outside in Puglia against the Real Statte with access, in case of victory, to the Final Four scheduled for 22 and 23 February.


City of Falconara 2
Montesilvano 4

City of Falconara: Dibiase, Vieira, Luciani, Pereira, Dal'maz, Guti, Pascual, Moreira, Ciferni, Ferrara, Verzulli, Brugnoni. All. Neri

Montesilvano: Sestari, Amparo, Lucileia, Borges, Ortega, D'Incecco, Santini, Diodato, Vianale, Xhaxho, Belli, Antonaci. Att. Di Pietro

Goals: 0'33 '' st Vieira (F), 5'05 '' Belli (M), 12'33 '' Amparo (M), 12'56 '' Moreira (F), 13'36 '' Belli ( M), 15'28 '' Amparo (M)

Notes: ammonite Xhaxho (M), Luciani (F), Ortega (M), D'Incecco (M), Pereira (F).

Referees: Adriani Serano (Modena) and Mazzoni (Ferrara). Chrono: Roberto Ascella (Macerata).

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