Thursday, February 26, 2015
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The city of Capena drops poker

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Maturity, awareness and concreteness: if we were to describe today's Capena with three words, these would perhaps be the most suitable. Delightful first time with Fuhrmann who repeats Serqueira's debut and also scores twice. The Argentine seemed a quality player and above all of excellent intelligence in the middle of the field: two goals, but also two important defensive interventions, when she seems to emerge almost from a trap door and wall in extremis two conclusions of the Marches.

Furhmann's brace and goal of the usual Jessica Will who today not only goes online, but slows down the laps to give more coverage in the defensive phase when needed in the second half. Annese seems to have regained the right shape and tone enough to provide the cart game with Will who hurls the usual stirrup burning the opposing goalkeeper. Neka touches the goal twice, the red and white elf has found his best pace and always jumps the opponent who must always resort to the systematic foul. The three to zero of the first half, as on Sunday with the Tenth puts the race on ice and the opponents now seem resigned.

The second half is basically a control of the race by Capena, with a couple of flashes of Chiaravalle without too much conviction. The red and white players administer and try offensive solutions even different from the usual. In the eighth, after a descent by Neka and the goal touched, comes the beautiful play by Annese who throws a filtering pass by Will into the goal. It is the 4 to 0 that actually drops the curtain on the race. Four from the end of the final jump of Chiaravalle who completes a good action, taking advantage of a little defensive confusion of Capena, and marks the goal of the flag. It ends with the applause of the public, today more numerous than usual and above all very attentive to the progress of the race, and the happiness of the Church girls who take off the weight of the first brick for the category Italian Cup Final Four.

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