Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Sassoleone defeated by Dorica Torrette

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The resumption of the championship is bitter for the lionesses of Mr. Siglioccolo. The Marches team wins the Palestra Corticella competition for 4-9. For the Gialloblù networks of Magrini, Spada, Giovannini and Jennifer Antonecchia. Next week there is the trip against Perugia Futsal.

A too imprecise Sassoleone capitulates against Dorica Torrette. The Marches win the match played in the unusual Gialloblù house of the Corticella gym in Bologna, giving little to Bonaventura and her companions. On the other hand, the girls from Siglioccolo were unable to capitalize on all the opportunities they had, especially at the beginning of the second half. Just at that moment the match could have changed face, but the lionesses were not very surgical under the door. The connection to the play-out area therefore fails, with the Tenth Sport Camp remaining two points away.
Next Sunday there is the Umbrian trip against Perugia Futsal, eighth in the standings at sixteen points.

The match suffered the first jolt during the first minute, when Rubal Casas' right-footed shot stabbed Lemme for the guest advantage (0-1). Sassoleone immediately finds the same thanks to the conclusion from a distance of Magrini who inflates the net bringing the result back into balance (1-1). In the fifth minute Pezzolla goes out of his way in a poisonous descent and triggers Rubal Casas, but Lemme manages to thwart the threat. A few seconds pass and it is precisely Pezzolla to sign the advantage of Dorica, thanks to a shot from outside that ends behind Lemme (1-2). The Gialloblù are vigilant and go very close to the second goal with Spada on the development of a corner, but the conclusion touches the post and ends on the bottom. At the ninth the guests have the opportunity for the third goal twice with Donati and Giuva, in both cases the net does not move. Finally, the third construction of the Ancona comes with Donati (1-3). A few seconds later the fourth goal came in the slip by Anselmi (1-4). After a moment of heeling, the Sassoleone goes back on track and at the end of an insisted action Vartuli serves Spada who evades the opponent's marking and bags (2-4). At the seventeenth minute there is a clear opportunity for the Dorica Torrette with Bussaglia, who is able to climb over Lemme with a lob, but Magrini saves in acrobatics on the line. At the twentieth comes the fifth guest seal with Pezzolla, good at bending the strenuous resistance of Lemme, protagonist of two prodigious rescues in the same action (2-5).

The recovery opens for Sassoleone with the opportunity to shorten the distances with Bonaventura who, triggered by Vartuli, concludes on the bottom of nothing. The Gialloblù are proactive in the second minute with Graziani, but his conclusion does not find the target. At the fifth minute, after several attempts, the third goal of Sassoleone arrives with Giovannini who capitalizes on a corner kick (3-5). The Marches do not break up and reach the sixth mark with Anselmi (3-6). At the eleventh captain Jennifer Antonecchia performs a superb shot from the right and draws an impregnable trajectory for Marcelli, shortening the distances for the lionesses (4-6). Rubal Casas six minutes from the end takes advantage of a ball lost by Jennifer Antonecchia, making his second mark (4-7). The Dorica Torrette takes advantage of the offensive inertia and lengthens the gap thanks to Pezzolla's right-handed surgery (4-8). In the final Mr. Siglioccolo tries everything by inserting Bonaventura as a goalkeeper of movement. In the last minute Giuva signs the realization that closes the hostilities (4-9).

Sassoleone 2015 APD - Dorica Torrette 4-9

Sassoleone 2015 APD: 1 D'Elia (P), 3 N. Antonecchia, 5 Graziani, 7 Magrini, 8 Vartuli, 9 Benfenati, 10 Bonaventura, 11 Giovannini, 12 Lemme (P), 17 Rossi, 19 Sword, 22 J. Antonecchia. All. Giovanni Siglioccolo.

Dorica Torrette: 3 Donati, 6 Severini, 7 Capalbo, 9 Ruffino, 10 Anselmi, 11 Pezzolla, 12 Eusepi (P), 13 Pieroni, 14 Bussaglia, 17 Giuva, 21 Rubal Casas, 22 Marcelli (P). Att. Mirco Massa.

Referees: Mr. Colombo from Modena and Mr. Staffelli from Reggio Emilia.

Markers: PT 0'57 "Rubal Casas (D), 1'12" Magrini (S), 4'45 "Pezzolla (D), 9'08" Donati (D), 9'49 "Anselmi (D), 13 '01 "Sword (S), 19'04" Pezzolla (D); ST 4'53 "Giovannini (S), 5'42" Anselmi (D), 10'44 "J. Antonecchia (S), 13'37" Rubal Casas (D), 14'36 "Pezzolla (D), 19 '18 ”Giuva (D).
Notes: ammonite Bussaglia, Anselmi (D), Bonaventura (S).

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