Thursday, April 23, 2015
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Undefeated Capena city flies to A2

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Capena Poker at Perugia and closing with a bang! first place in the safe and soccer show with Will's crazy network.
A mature, charismatic and concrete Capena, the Mister Chiesa team is a steamroller and against a good Perugia stores the race at the first time with a dry three to zero. Will proves to be an illegal player for the category and puts his signature on both the first, second and fourth goals.

The Capena is the owner of the field already in the first minutes and shows that he wants to take the measurements first and then try the lunge. So it was, at the ninth a nice triangle between Ribeirete and Will led to the advantage with the Brazilian number 9 who slipped in the net closes the ball back. The advantage does not satisfy the hunger of the Leprotte who continue in an organized fashion to control the game shortly after Will always takes the pole. At the thirteenth the Brazilian blonde decides to invent a crazy goal. He takes the ball and throws himself into space, overtakes an opponent with a half moon, and on the right hand unloads a terrifying blow at the opposite corner. The whole audience of the Pala Pertini stands up to applaud an incredible play.

Two to zero for the red and white. The Perugians seem to be in dolls and cannot react except with a pair of well-rested counter-attacks from the red and white ones. Menichelli dives on a shot out and sends in a corner kick. A three from the end Ribeirete goes down on the side and puts in the middle, a player of Perugia in an attempt to anticipate Will stationed on the second pole sends in the network. It is the three at zero and the race is actually on ice.

In the second half, Perugia tries to play the charge and after noticing that they can't unlock the game, also thanks to a couple of fine saves by Menichelli, he opts for the goalkeeper. A long network of passages well controlled by the Capena contains the initiatives. Donati has the chance to reopen the race with a penalty caused by Neka in marking on Conti.

The Terni shoots Menichelli who rejects and the score remains on the three at zero. The race slowly fades away with the Perugia movement goalkeeper a bit slow and complicated tremolo. You count on a good starting point and put it in the middle, but the right spark doesn't come. After a couple of attempts, Will is on the siren to seal a stratospheric race with the 4-0 goal. Poker served and closing of the first round by unbeaten for the Leprotte that now in January will enter the heart of the season where they can try to bring a national trophy to Capena.

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Photo by Luca Pagliaricci

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