Monday, January 27 2020
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The Falconara beats Grisignano 5-2 and flies in the standings

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It is a party at PalaBadiali for the fourth consecutive victory of the City of Falconara. Historic spin-off: it is the first time for the Italians since there is only one Serie A. The final result rewards a careful and well-conducted race by the girls of Neri against a Real Grisignano, however, always dangerous but stopped by a Dibiase in the day. Pato is inspired and already after 24 seconds, taking advantage of the high pressing of the team, he manages to free himself from an excellent position but his shot slips on the pole.

Just the 99 number that opens the markings with an easy tap in sub-size at the end of a triangulation all before with Nona. Particularly inspired, the Spanish who at the 6 'spreads panic in the opposing area, dribbles Famà but is walled by the defense. Still Grisignano in the hunt for the draw with Troiano from distance, Dibiase deviates in diving. Always Dibiase coming out brakes Troiano's incursion. Nona's feet light up PalaBadiali even at 8 ': the triangulation with Vieira is perfect, the under-door touch is cold and leaves no way out for Famà. The Venetian guests grow in the end. Turetta has a couple of good opportunities to close the gap but Dibiase is in the mood for miracles.

And when it risks something more it is the defense that makes the difference: as with the Trojan incursion with a ball in the middle towards Ziero in an excellent position, Captain Luciani anticipates at the last and foils the danger. The Venetians close the door but they are the owners of the house to have the most tempting opportunity with the irrepressible Nona and Pato. The conclusion of the latter stops from the pole. In the second half are always the falcette to keep the ball. Pato on the counterattack does everything well, Famà manages to put a piece in it. Not a minute passes that Nona goes solo on the left, leaves two opponents in place and serves Pascual stationed at the far post for the 3-0 goal. But the Grisignano does not give up, press and look for the way of goals in every way.

Privitera and Turetta try, nothing to do. Falconara is not watching. Vieira with a bet heads the reflexes of Famà and then Ferrara sees himself cancel the goal for alleged Pereira's handball. The Pupil goes back a few minutes later with a beautiful and insistent action that gets the ball between Guti's feet: poison shooting and ball in the net. On the 4-0 the Citizens control without risking much despite the pressure of the Venetians making themselves heard. The spaces widen with the passing of the minutes and so, to Pato who forces Famà to the corner diagonally, Privitera immediately responds and draws Pinto Dias in an area ready to beat Dibiase. Fighting, the Grisignano. Pinto Dias diagonally touches the marking but the usual Pato takes care of extinguishing the guests' enthusiasm: one of his missiles from the distance is printed on the pole and the repetition is Isa Pereira's task, carried out to the best. Pinto Dias closes the scorers' mark still collecting Dibiase's rival on his own shot and fixing the score on the 5-2.

"A great victory - comments Angelica Dibiase at the end of the match - We were patient to find the goal and it went well, the final result shows us rewards. We knew it would be difficult against an insidious team like Grisignano. We faced this match with lead feet. They never gave up. In general we are doing a good job and the ranking shows it. We must not stop working hard to face anyone ". And the Citizens will be an intense 2019 end. Next Sunday we go to Florence for the 11esima championship, then on Wednesday 18 and Sunday 22, double commitment to PalaBadiali respectively for the third round of the Division Cup (opponent Cagliari) and against Real Statte for the last race of the round forward.


City of Falconara 5
Real Grisignano 2

City of Falconara: Dibiase, Pascual, Luciani, Nona, Dal'maz, Guti, Vieira, Ciferni, Pereira, Ferrara, Verzulli, Brugnoni. Herds Blacks.

Real Grisignano: Famà, Troiano, Ziero, Pinto Dias, Bisognin, Turetta, Privitera, Bernardelle, Primolan, Cogo. All. Lovo.

Networks: 2'40 '' pt Dal'maz (F), 8 'Nona (F); 4'30 '' st Pascual (F), 11'30 '' Guti (F), 16'10 '' Pinto Dias (G), 17 'Pereira (F), 18'14' 'Pinto Dias (G).

Notes: ammonite Ziero (G), Luciani (F), Ferrara (F), Guti (F).

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