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Female Sassoleone Calcio a 5, Spada's poker does not prevent defeat

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At the Tensostructure of Civitanova Marche the hosts win the match. The girls of Mr. Siglioccolo are not enough Spada's four goals and Graziani's marking to get back from the trip with some points in his pocket. On Sunday, 15 returns to play within the walls of friends against Sabina Lazio.

The blow to the Sassoleone fails, forced to the external knockout from the Civitanova Dream Futsal. The lionesses, despite having taken the lead with Alice Spada, fail to maintain their superiority in scoring, despite the great tenacity put in place which is not rewarded by the final result. The positive note is the increased number of goals scored, news that bodes well for future releases. The gialloblù thus remain in last position together with Futsal Prandone, at three points. On Sunday, 15 finally returns to play at home for the final day of the day: Sabina Lazio will arrive, returning from a uppercase draw at home against the City of Capena.

After a few seconds, the landlords show themselves to be near Lemme, who is looking for the conclusion of Joshua. There is the gialloblù answer (today in anthracite-pink jacket) to the 3 ', Spada transmits the sphere to Giovannini, his conclusion is neutralized by Romano. On a local inattention comes the advantage of the Sassoleone with Spada, good at picking up the assist of Giovannini and at piercing Romano (0-1). Fifty-nine seconds pass and Civitanova draws the score with Diaz, good at collecting the rejection of Lemme (1-1). At the minute 6 'the Marches overtake thanks to the bolide from the distance thrown by Cremonesi, on which Lemme can do nothing (2-1). The guests look for the net with Spada, his shot at the 15 'comes out shortly. A little more than a minute after the break, Civitanova increases the advantage with Cremonesi who, lurking at the second post, translates the passage of Castelli (3-1) into a network.

The second half started with Caciornia's 2 'goal, which only needed to put the ball delivered by Diaz in a two-on-one situation in front of Lemme (4-1). A few seconds elapse and from the distance Cremonesi forces the 1 number host to the intervention of the foot, on the rejected Diaz pounces (5-1). The girls of Siglioccolo make a ring at 4 'with Graziani's poisonous left-handed, deviated in a corner by Romano. The Sassoleone continues to try to get back into the game, at 7 'Porfiri collects an incorrect pass from Caciornia and serves Graziani who kicks to the side. The efforts are rewarded two minutes later, when Spada, on the development of a lineout, finds the right gap and bends Romano's resistance (5-2). The Sassoleone insists and arrives near the third net with the usual Spada that, served by Bonaventura, kicks out of nothing. The team of the fraction of the Municipality of Casalfiumanese is dangerous again: on a free kick whistled for a foul on Jennifer Antonecchia, Graziani serves Spada on the second post that inflates the net (5-3). Civitanova understands that it is no longer possible to joke and at four minutes from the end it signs the sixth net with Artichokes, able to transform one against the other with Lemme (6-3). Twenty seconds later a rapid reversal in front puts Marani and Diaz in the presence of Lemme, a rapid exchange frees the right space for Diaz to sign the third personal network (7-3).
In the final the Sassoleone continues not to give up and goes on the net with Graziani, good to jump three opponents including the extreme defender of the Marche and to put the ball in the bag (7-4). A little over a minute after the end Spada drops his poker, picking up Giovannini's pass and piercing Romano (7-5).

Civitanova Dream Futsal - Sassoleone 2015 APD 7-5

Civitanova Dream Futsal: 1 Fermani (P), 3 Diaz, 5 Castles, 8 Greaves, 9 Giosuè, 10 Caciornia, 11 Cremonese, 12 Marani, 13 Artichokes, 15 Persichini, 19 Giacomoni, 29 Roman (P). Herds Giuliano Tiberi.

2015 APD Sassoleone: 1 D'Elia (P), 3 Graziani, 7 Magrini, 9 Porfiri, 10 Bonaventura, 11 Giovannini, 12 Lemme (P), 17 Rossi, 19 Spada, 22 J. Antonecchia, 99 Hats. Giovanni Siglioccolo All.

Referees: Mr Moscone of L'Aquila and Mr Zingaretti of Jesi.

Markers: PT 2'30 "Spada (S), 3'29" Diaz (C), 5'22 ", 18'19" Cremonesi (C); ST 1'53 "Caciornia (C), 2'35" Diaz (C), 9'36 ", 14'14" Spada (S), 15'53 "Artichokes (C), 16'13 'Diaz (C) , 18'10 "Graziani (S), 18'52" Spada (S).
Notes: ammonite Diaz, Carciofi (C), Graziani (S).

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