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Class 2003 and a great desire to run, Ambra Sechi lived a fabulous weekend with an even sweeter awakening. At the 19 'of the second half of Capena-Atletico Foligno the number six has the ball good to kick in the goal, the goalkeeper of movement carried out by the opposing team has left the poles without protection. Ambra does not think twice and throws her right to the net. The ball rolls inside the door guarded by the teammate Ribeirete. Goals.

Surely a flurry of emotions prevails in the heart of the young girl in red and white jersey. But if you always wake up from fairy tales and the impact the next day is always a little less sweet than the fable itself lived the day before, the little Amber has certainly continued to rub her eyes looking at the screen of your phone when on the group whatsapp the convocation of the national team Under 19 appeared on the team. Surprise: not too much. Astonishment: just enough. Happiness: unstoppable. The words of the 2003 goblin class are clear, however: the best is yet to come.

- First goal in A, what was it like?

"In addition to a great thrill, it was a satisfaction for me, given that it is my first goal in the league with a team that still has great players and a good game."

- You are gaining minutes after minutes and you are proving to deserve the Mister's trust, it's no small feat in an A2 league for an 2003 class. How are you on the field?

"When I have the chance to play I try to give my best even if sometimes I am not satisfied with myself because I know I can give more, this also depends on the fact that I have to have experience in the field."

- It's your first national championship with a first team, you have quickly adapted a sign of great maturity, what is the most difficult and the easiest aspect you have encountered?

"A positive aspect is that despite the fact that the game is much faster and more organized, I have the coach and the team mates who help me and advise me on the" easiest way "on the pitch. A difficult aspect is the fact that I still don't know how to integrate well into the game, as I would like, given that the levels are very high ... but with time I noticed the difference and with training everything becomes a little easier. "

- Which match will you think against the Sassoleone on Sunday?

"Sunday I think it will be a game that should not be underestimated like all the others. It is important to stay at the top of the rankings. "

- First call-up in the national category which is emotions did you experience today when you heard about it?

"Let's say it was a great thrill, these last few days have given me some nice surprises. I never expected it, I have to say. I am happy to live this experience too, but I am aware of the fact that I always have to keep my feet on the ground and work with my head down, always. "

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