Capena show, Leprotte a valanga on the Foligno

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A Capena steamroller in the house stale the Foligno extending at the beginning second time, the Perugine well in the initial minutes then go out after three to one red and white. Ready via Capena has two good balls to go first with Neka and then with Ribeirete, but the sixth is the Foligno to go with a good action in speed. Pellegrino anticipates Menichelli coming out after a beautiful one / two in parallel.

The network galvanizes the Folignati, but not even a minute passes that Ribeirete draws with a great shot from outside: Neka steals the ball in strong pressure and Ribeirete if he moves it to the right and kicks a poisonous bet from the left. From here on, the Capena will no longer stop. Two rounds of hands and the team of Mr. Chiesa confirms his mastery of the field. Csepregi throws himself into space, Neka gives another golden ball on the feet of the Hungarian who thanks to Ribeirete's cutting movement can pull the Foligno defense off guard with a fine shot. It's overtaking. The Capena does not stop and tries to put the race on ice, but the Foligno resists and tries to restart in counterattack. Maximum effort of the rossoblu who however are unable to equalize. We think therefore Ribeirete to put the chills to the folignati taking a great pole. We go to rest on the 2-1 for the Leprotte.

Ready to go and Capena back on the field, closing the conversation: first-rate action between Will, Neka, Ribeirete with Csepregi closing in a slip on the second post. A network to see and review especially in five-a-side football schools. The Capena plays in fluency, but above all controls the race without risking much. A couple of gusts of rossoblu that end with shots from outside and in nothing. At the tenth Mercuri puts the seal on another action made almost all of the first where the Foligno cannot reach. The number nineteen slipped into the four-by-one ball. Two minutes later Will snatches the ball from Foligno's feet and flies off guard: unloading the left on goal.

Immediately after Boranga inserts the goalkeeper of movement and tries to shorten the distances on the 5-1. Despite the good plot, there is no thrill for Menichelli. Even Capena steals the ball twice with Neka and Will and nearly scores goals from distance with the goalkeeper moving out of the posts.

In the last minute the Foligno does harakiri before it loses the ball on Will's pressure that ravenously pounces on the opponent intercepting the pass and making goals to the unguarded goal. In the same minute there is glory both for Ambra Sechi 2003 class who scores goals from a distance by countering a Foligno and for Neka who alone allows herself the luxury of making a spoon in front of the Rossoblu goalkeeper and fixing the score on 8 with 1 with an authentic chocolate. Yet another show of strength of the City of Capena that continues alone at the top of the Group B standings, next Sunday another home game with the bottom end Sassoleone.

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