Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Sassoleone, a domestic ko against Chiaravalle

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The rosanero storm the "Hotelier". For the Sassoleone networks of Porfiri, Bonaventura and Spada. Next Sunday difficult trip to the City of Capena, first in the standings.
The Sassoleone falls at the hands of the FiberPasta Chiaravalle and remains in last place in cohabitation with the Futsal Prandone. After being under for three goals at the start of the match, the lionesses tried to react thanks to goals from Porfiri and Bonaventura. At the end of the first stage, the Xokumx-2 signed by Jokisalo arrived.

The recovery started in favor of the guests, go to sign at the 1 'with Nicoletti Pini. At 5 'Spada shortened the distance thanks to the head marking, trademark of the Gialloblù 19 number. The momentary 3-5 was the last attempt of the locals to hold on to the match, with Chiaravalle giving the final acceleration to the race, signing four other goals which closed the score on the definitive 3-9.

Next Sunday for the lionesses there will be the difficult challenge in the home of the leaders Città di Capena.

2015 APD Sassoleone - FiberPasta Chiaravalle 3-9

2015 Sassolaone APD: 1 D'Elia (P), 3 Graziani, 6 Mordenti, 7 Magrini, 8 Vartuli, 9 Benfenati, 10 Bonaventura, 11 Giovannini, 12 Baldini Bastions (P), 15 Porfiri, 17 Rossi, 19 Rossi. Giovanni Siglioccolo All.

FiberPasta Chiaravalle: 1 Colombrini (P), 7 Centola, 8 Giordano, 9 Factors, 10 Chain, 13 Jokisalo, 15 Nicoletti Pini, 16 Maiolini, 17 Lucchesi, 19 Magnanti, 21 Pizi, 22 Baldassarri. Herds Nicolò Molinelli.

Referees: Serfilippi of Pesaro and Mazzone of Imola

Markers: PT 0'16 "Magnanti (F), 5'33 Factors (F), 6'05" Magnanti (F), 11'30 "Porfiri (S), 15'52" Bonaventura (S), 19'25 ”Jokisalo (F); ST 0'24 Nicoletti Pini (F), 4'47 "Spada (S), 6'23" Magnanti (F), 12'22 "Nicoletti Pini (F), 18'37" Factors (F), 19'36 "Jokisalo (F).
Notes: ammonite Bonaventura, D'Elia, Benfenati (S).

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