Wednesday, 22 January 2020
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A city of Capena with a captivating Prandone conquest

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As the essays say, no race is easy if you don't make it easy, so you can define the weekly mantra that Mr. Chiesa repeated to his girls in training and in the pregara. So it was. An open-fronted Capena in the first minutes immediately puts in safe the result with Neka who finally unlocks on penalty and Will who uproots the ball from the feet of an opponent and unloads the left in goal by doing the two to zero.

Late a handful of minutes the three to zero always of Neka that intercepts in pressure a ball and on the fly puts it in net. The first half ends four to zero with a great goal by Ribeirete that settles the ball on the left and throws a precise shot at the corner. The Prandone is dangerous once but Menichelli is ready.

The second time the Capena faces him without adapting to the rhythm of his opponents and goes into the steamroller mode without ever stopping and always going under pressure. The Prandone after the six to zero springs mentally and takes in practice a goal after another. Mister Chiesa makes all the turns and at the fourteenth Móczik, taking over from Menichelli, he overcomes the only shot of the Marche in the second half. It ends with the thirteenth goal thirty seconds from the end with Will not paying the Sunday feast he wants to put the fifth seal of his personal match. Neka's double, Ribeirete's hat-trick, Will's five and a goal each for Mercuri, Annese and Csepregi.

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