Tuesday, January 21 2020
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The Sassoleone falls in Foligno

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Female Sassoleone Calcio a 5, the initial advantage is not enough to avoid the ko in Umbrian land
Four goals from Corboli and the signature of Ferroni put the wings to the Umbrians who conquered the match, despite the initial advantage Gialloblù with Vartuli. The goal of Porfiri closes the scoring. Next Sunday difficult home game against FiberPasta Chiaravalle.

Atletico Foligno won the match at the Magione Sports Palace for 5-2, leaving Sassoleone in the last position, at three points. Accomplices the results of Futsal Prandone and Decima Sport Camp, both out defeated by their respective commitments, the gialloblù remain at the last position in the ranking, with a disadvantage on the third last place of the Decima, in the play-out area. Next Sunday we will be back in the friendly walls of the "Hotelier" for the match against FiberPasta Chiaravalle, fourth in the standings.

The plot of the match is almost the same as the latest releases, with the girls from Siglioccolo starting the race with the right attitude. After the punishment of Porfiri parried by Grisci, there is the advantage for the guests thanks to Vartuli, good at bagging on the developments of a corner kick (0-1).
The hosts immediately try to catch up with Pellegrino, his conclusion touches the post. The red and white continue the forcing, forcing D'Elia to some saving interventions. At the 12 'Corboli finds the network that brings the match back into balance (1-1).

The lionesses react and on a corner kick they put Grisci in difficulty, forced to cleverly repel the guest assault. At the end of the first leg a shot by Ferroni finds the net of advantage for Foligno (2-1).

In the second half the Sassoleone moves forward with Marika Graziani, its conclusion is neutralized by the 1 number of the house. A few moments later D'Elia is called to carry out two resolutive interventions to avoid the double advantage of Atletico Foligno. The network arrives however in the eighth minute, thanks to the conclusion of Corboli (3-1).

The Sassoleone does not give up and the reaction passes through the feet of Bonaventura, whose attempt comes out of nothing. The best chances for the visiting team come thanks to the corner kick schemes but both Vartuli and Bonaventura don't find the right gap. Instead the Foligno to find the spaces to increase the advantage, thanks to the personal triplet of Corboli (4-1). Mister Siglioccolo tries everything by deploying the movement goalkeeper. The team of the fraction of Casalfiumanese goes therefore close again to the net with the double conclusion of Graziani: the first one is neutralized by the extreme Umbrian defender, the second one, on assist of Bonaventura, ends outside. Despite the numerous attempts of the Emilia-Romagna region, the sphere does not seem to want to enter, while the fifth network arrives for Foligno thanks to the matrix Corboli (5-1). A few minutes before the end, the Gialloblù finally found the net with Porfiri, who closed the scoring (5-2).

Atletico Foligno - Sassoleone 2015 APD 5-2

Atletico Foligno: 1 Grisci (P), 3 Acini, 5 Santoni, 6 Narcisi, 7 Ferroni, 8 Magnini, 10 Corboli, 12 Santi (P), 13 Ciacci, 15 Torelli, 22 Pellegrino, 23 Bellini. Eugene Boranga.

2015 Sassolaone APD: 1 D'Elia (P), 3 N. Antonecchia, 5 Benfenati, 6 Mordenti, 7 Graziani, 8 Vartuli, 9 Porfiri, 10 Bonaventura, 11 Giovannini, 12 Baldini Sticks (P), 19 Spada, 22 Spada, XNUMX Spada, XNUMX Spada .Antonecchia. Giovanni Siglioccolo All.

Referees: Martini from Empoli and Scifo from Florence.

Markers: PT 8'25 "Vartuli (S), 11'56" Corboli (A), 17'26 "Ferroni (A); ST 7'25 ", 9'55", 13'54 "Corboli (A), 14'14" Porfiri (S).
Notes: ammonite Vartuli, Spada (S), Narcissus (A).

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