Monday, December 09 2019
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City of Falconara, the crossbar stops the comeback against the Italian champions

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A City of Falconara falls in tone to Barletta's PalaDisfida against the Salinis champions of Italy in a match played at par and where, to make the difference, are the errors. More and paid dearly for those of the Citizens that below two goals still manage to equalize in the second half but then capitulate due to a fatal carelessness. Not lacking a bit of bad luck with a crossbar hit in the final assaults. The Salinis, on the feet of Maite and Taty, is a very square team and the high pressing immediately puts some headache on the Marche rearguard that is struggling to get out.

Already in the first minute Luciani saves on the line on the close conclusion of Siclari. Dibiase is forced to work overtime on a couple of poisonous occasions from Taty from a distance. Nothing can, the Falconarese goalkeeper, to the 13 'when Coppari turns well on Nona and fills the bag. The response of the Citizens is angry and after just 11 seconds leads to the 1-1: spectacular first duet between Nona and Pato, ball back to Pereira and unmistakable blow. The Apulians, however, do not fall and Siclari in percussion scores diagonally after having managed to win a pair of rebounds. Dibiase still flies at the intersection on Taty's shot to allow the teammates to reach the interval of just under one goal.

In the second half however the Salinis starts in speed and stretches after just 1 minute with Rozo on an assist from Manieri. As happened in the first half the Citizens do not give up. Sale in Nona chair. The Catalan steals the ball and flies off guard to beat Tardelli on the exit. Immediately afterwards he finalizes the assist that arrives on the Pereira-Guti axis. It is the goal of the 3-3 but the Salinis is a really hard bone. Maite's Corner beaten immediately, poorly positioned defense and Manieri beat undisturbed. The teams spent so much at that point.

The Salinis pulls the oars in the boat and watches. The Citizens try with all their residual strength but cannot make themselves dangerous. Neri to 2 'minutes from the end he brings in Pereira fifth of movement and the Portuguese immediately causes the PalaDisfida to freeze by hitting the crossbar. The ball still alive comes to Nona who puts in the middle but Pato does not take advantage of it from an excellent position.

Thus the last dangerous chance of a race that leaves a bad taste in the mouth fades. Little time to regret. Instead, it is necessary to immediately take advantage of the defeat and put your head and legs on next Sunday when you return to Puglia to face the Bisceglie.


Salinis 4
Falconara 3

Salinis: Tardelli, Taty, Siclari, Rozo, Manieri, Coppari, Presto, Giuliano, Brandolini, Maite, Martin, Ceravolo. All Coelho.

Falconara: Dibiase, Pascual, Luciani, Nona, Dal'maz, Guti, Ciferni, Pereira, Ferrara, Bernotti, Brugnoni. Herds Blacks

Networks: 12'07 '' pt Coppari (S), 12'18 '' Pereira (F), 14'03 '' Siclari (S), 1'05 '' st Rozo (S), 1'45 '' and 2'55 '' Nona (F), 4'38 '' Manieri (S).

Notes: ammonite: Manieri (S), Siclari (S), Pereira (F)

REFEREES: Matteo Ariasi (Pescara), Fabio Capaldi (Isernia) CRONO: Luigi Fiorentino (Molfetta).

Author: adminEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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