Tuesday, April 28, 2015
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At the City of Falconara it takes just one time to beat the Pelletterie

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Everything is easy in Scandicci for the City of Falconara which rises again after the fall at home against Lazio and already looks at the commitment of Friday 1 November when the Kick Off will arrive at PalaBadiali. A game that promises to be a real broadcast city event more, live from Sport Italia. The Citizens want to get there full of energy and awareness about their means. And yesterday's match served to fill up with enthusiasm.

Race closed in the first half with Neri's girls in the locker room ahead of 5-1. In the second half, excluding the card stamped by captain Luciani, little trot and ball management. Yet the initial lines of the match had led to a different race, with a fierce home team. Immediately responsive after the first sharp Dal'maz (ball regained in midfield, tight triangle with Luciani and 1-0 after just one minute), the Tuscan women drew with Teggi primed by Duco's pass from the right and kept the result for balance in the balance much of the first half. Occasions on the one hand, with Pascual and Dal'maz, and on the other with Duco, until 8 'when Dal'maz, having received the precise pass from Guti, left a defender on the spot and beat Pucci out. Of Kale the Tuscan response, Dibiase answers this insidious episode.

To put the race all downhill, Nona thought with another one of her spells: intercepted Perez-D'Amato pass and then flying in the goal to score after missing Pucci on the way out. At the next 4-1 Pereira thought about Pereira's punishment directly. Pascual, on the other hand, is the fifth goal of the Marches on which the Tuscan protest is triggered: the action stems from a lateral phallus that the landlords asked to be returned, as it was released voluntarily to rescue a companion. The first half ends with a free shot by Pereira, awarded for a pile of fouls, which Pucci deviates for a corner. The appointment with the 6-1 only postponed to the start of recovery when Luciani exploited a misunderstanding between defender and goalkeeper after a good action in triangulation with Pascual. At that point the Marches pulled the oars into the boat and administered the result with Dibiase careful not to be mocked by the sporadic incursions of the adversaries. "After the goal of their draw - comments Isa Pereira - we reacted well, we went up in pressure and took advantage of the very large field and demonstrated our game. The goals came and he helped us. In the second half, after the sixth goal, we managed the result until the end. The important thing is the three points and the fact that we can improve game by game ”.

1 Leather Goods
Falconara 6

Leather goods: Pucci, Duco, Teggi, Maione, Iaquinandi, Nicita, Perez, Kalè, Pasos, Biagiotti, D'Amato, Giovannini. All. Zudetich.

Falconara: Dibiase, Guti, Pascual, Luciani, Dal'maz, Ciferni, Nona, Pereira, Ferrara, Bernotti, Brugnoni. Herds Blacks.

Networks: 1'12 '' pt Dal'maz (F), 1'54 '' Teggi (P), 8'32 '' Dal'maz (F), 10'34 '' Nona (F), 12 'Pereira (F), 16'55 '' Pascual (F), 4'31 '' st Luciani (F).

Notes: ammonite Maione (P), Duco (P), Biagiotti (P), Teggi (P), Pereira (F).

photo credits: Débora Braga

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